Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Sel de la Terre

I had: Sweet Georgia corn-lavender soup, smoked ham, chili oil, crème fraîche. This was the first thing on the menu that made me go oooooh, so I was very pleased to see that it was gluten free. And oh, om nom nom! Savory-smoky-spicy!
Adam had: Charcuterie: Duck liver mousse terrine, Rowland Farms lomo, Rowland Farms smoked ham, pig cheek terrine. Again with the om nom nom. I tried a bit of everything, and I could've been perfectly delighted with that as my appetizer, too. Elayna tried the terrine. We wisely did not tell her it was pig cheeks, and so she liked it. Adam: "I cannot put words to how good that was."

I had: a risotto off the vegetarian menu; I still have no idea what exactly was in it. (I didn't actually see the vegetarian menu; the waitress recommended it for the mushrooms when I sadfaced that the gnocchi with the same mushrooms used wheat flour.) Foraged mushrooms were involved, and asparagus, and pine nuts, and something else green, and lots of vegetables and mushrooms got together and had a wild orgy atop a bed of arborio rice and I ate it all up. More with the savory and rich.
Adam had: Toasted coriander spiced pork chop, pommes Robuchon, Swiss chard, ASF baby turnips, Thumbelina carrots. He seemed to love the hell out of this. I'll get further opinions from him when he gets home from leading his mother back to the hotel. Adam says: "Perfectly prepared HUGE FREAKING PORK CHOP. With these delicious fingerling potatoes and just WOW. I know I'm not very articulate, but wow."
Elayna had: Chicken fingers. Oh, Elayna.

I had: Espresso creme brulee, without the biscotti it usually comes with; the waitress substituted yummy dark chocolate with nuts and ginger. A torrid affair between espresso and creme brulee. Yes. Made my jaded husband go OH MY GOD.
Adam had: Warm molten chocolate fondant, toasted house made marshmallow; graham cracker ice cream. He ate this up in a trice, so clearly it was awesome. Adam says: "Basically, their version of a s'more. The graham cracker ice cream is just dude. The marshmallow was bordering on liquidy without gooiness, and the three things worked together so well."
Elayna had: warm chocolate cookies, and the raspberries from my creme brulee.

And we had a quite-nice Cabernet Sauvignon.

Yes, we always eat like this when Adam's mom is in town. She's a major foodie. And she still, even after tonight (she had the petit gouter, gnocchi, and fondant), was wary about dinner tomorrow night.

Her: "It's not a vegan place, is it?"
Me: "No. I will be getting a steak."
Her: "Oh. Good."

Also they complimented Adam on the restaurant choice. Adam did, of course, credit me. I did research and everything, you know.

An important part of dining out for me post-diagnosis is how the restaurant handles the whole gluten-free thing. Sel de la Terre doesn't have a gluten-free menu; I think they should if only to save the poor waitress, who had to keep running back to the kitchen to ask questions. But she did double-check everything, and she was very knowledgeable - when I asked her about one item, she said "only if you get it without the braised bacon, because that has soy sauce." Knowing off the top of your head that soy sauce has stealth gluten = win. So even without the dedicated menu, I do highly recommend it for celiacs, because the staff know what's safe. She also scored points for having real recommendations instead of "everything's good", and also for having an adorable tattoo of an octopus with a heart-shaped eyepatch. "She's a pirate."
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