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Happy birthday to iroshi!

Happy early birthday to brigidsblest and ojouchan, who advance a year over the weekend!

State of the 'Song
Cautiously optimistic; I switched from 200mg Celebrex to 100mg today.

Yes! The day you have been waiting for! New s00j album day! Did you somehow forget to pre-order it? That's okay, you can buy a digital copy right now.

Speaking of right now, breakfast has been slightly delayed, because Elayna and her friend A. cannot stop giggling over "Salad of Doom". Oh, alas, now "Witchka"'s on and we are slinkydancing. This is not conducive to a productive morning! We are ensnared!

I will leave you with a song I have been wanting to share with you for years.

I'm choreographing a thing to this. It will hopefully be ready by StrowlerCon.

Still Readercon
* I have to share this from Anita Allen's writeup because it delights me utterly: Shira is adorably funny and super smart. When just chatting she speaks quite fast and you don’t want to miss a word cause it's all good stuff. She also dressed almost completely in 1920’s-40’s fashion as they made clothes for curvy and petite ‘dames’ back then and that’s how she looks. I have to say the look clearly was made for her. So if you want to find her at a con, look for the WW2 era blonde fashion plate and say Hi! I do! I do talk superfast! I just have a lot that wants out! And I love the WWII fashion plate thing. Anita also said separately that I walk like a dancer, and I was like "yay, the proprioception work is working!"
* One note about my reading that I forgot to make a note of - Justine Graykin mentioned how much she liked that I presented a nonstereotypical ideal of male beauty. I like all kinds of men! And women! But yes, Aaron's a dancer and he's built like one; he's more bishounen than beefcake.

Link Soup
* Poly guacamole. Yes.
* The Old Spice guy will record you a voicemail message. I'm not just charmed by the hot guy; my salesbrain is like "this is freaking brilliant marketing."

Daily Science
Astronomers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland have discovered the first known case of a distant galaxy being magnified by a quasar acting as a gravitational lens.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Red shirt with fascinating neckline and weird ruching + black swirly skirt; jewelry by sihaya09.
Reading: A book about the tawdry early lives of saints - it's upstairs and I'm running late. Overdo$ed America by John Abramson. Clockwork Phoenix, edited by time_shark; I'm two stories in on that, and one story was heavily meh but the other was like whoa.
Writing: Nothing this week; this is the single busiest week I've had in quite some time. Well. I did apparent write poetry in a nap-dream, and I scribbled some of it down when I woke up.
Knitting: The Blogathon scarf is done, and I found a pattern for knitted-flat fingerless mitts that I love! Sadly, I had to abandon the idea of incorporating Aaron's tattoo into the design. I've settled for just something he'd wear out dancing. If I've time next week, I may seek out some charms to sew to the cuffs.
Planning: Oof. My mother-in-law arrives this afternoon, so the whole weekend is taken by mother-in-law stuff and Explo prep stuff. We never did get to Target last night - Elayna had A. over for an impromptu sleepover - so that must happen tomorrow morning. Dinner reservations have been made: Sel de la Terre tonight, if Adam can switch the reservation from the poison location (Long Wharf's menu is almost entirely shellfish) to the non-poison location (Back Bay will not send me to the ER!). If not, I may be seeking last-minute recommendations. Tomorrow is Small Plates, and Sunday is Craigie on Main.

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