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Odin's Day

Hello to new reader adammaker!

State of the 'Song
Well. We have established that I am still allergic to buttermilk. (Not milk. Not butter. Just buttermilk. I don't know either.) Which is a thing I became aware of at 18, and the hives were so awful I've never felt tempted to nudge and see if I was still allergic. But we have these risotto chips that Adam brought home, and I was medicated so I forgot that I should double-check the ingredients list because a) it was clearly marked gluten-free and soy-free, which are the things I know to look for in chips, and b) WHO THE HELL PUTS BUTTERMILK IN CHIPS.

So that kicked off hours of full-body extremely painful hives and me in tears willing myself to go to sleep in the hopes that they'd be gone in the morning (we were out of the antihistamines that don't have gluten), but of course unable to sleep because stabbing pains give one adrenaline. Culminating in Adam having to run out to the all-night CVS to get antihistamines. But yeah, hours of me pacing downstairs and quietly caterwauling because once the Lunesta hits my brain, I am not rational. Which explains the handfuls of risotto chips at 11pm, too.

My LunestaBrain can be hilarious when it's not preventing me from acquiring antihistamines, by the way. Lunesta completely removes any inhibitions before it actually knocks me out. You only think I have no filter between my brain and my mouth. You would not believe the things that come out of me when I'm medicated. I have documentation, because one of the things I've trained myself to do while on Lunesta is not close the chat windows, so tomorrow at least I know who I was talking to and what I said - because if we start a conversation after my Lunesta, I will have zero memory of it.

Also I will eat everything on top of the gluten-free cabinet, given time. Especially if it's salty. LunestaBrain does not work well enough to open the actual cabinet doors; I am limited to what's within view.

Essentially? Raunchy and no higher thought processes.

I am just saying.

This is every night.

I am such a treat, I tell you.

Also at some point in the hives/sedation I think I was futzing around with my Ravelry queue. I ought to see to that.

Okay, this is the third fail on this fingerless mitt pattern. There aren't many finished projects on Ravelry for it, so I'm inclined to believe that the pattern really is fucked and it's not just me being daft. Which means that I need to teach myself a new skill (knitting in the round) like now to get a different pair of mitts done pre-Blogathon.

I seriously cannot tell you anything about this movie save that you must see it. I am really not kidding here. Do it this weekend so we can discuss it on Monday.

Link Soup
* The Old Spice guy spent yesterday answering tweets from his followers via YouTube.
* A scietific diagram of the ancient Hebrew cosmos.

Daily Science
Sensor-studded clothing worn by a soldier tracks his movements and vital signs. A disposable electrocardiogram machine the size of a Band-Aid monitors a heart patient. A cellphone is implanted in a tooth. Scientists and engineers are trying to develop such “embedded” devices: miniature electronics that plug people into computer and communication networks.

First thing I'm doing is going back to bed - I'm still zoned out and in slow motion from NyQuil (which allegedly has an antihistamine but did nothing for the hives). Um. If I can get functional, I have to buy the stuff on Elayna's Explo shopping list. Either way I have to badger her to get started packing. I have a lot on my checklist and no brain right now. So. Sleep.
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