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Happy birthday to misshallelujah, xthread, raptorgirl, and mycroftca!

Hello to new readers irulan_amy, readingthedark, skogkatt, stepmomblog, and rarelytame!

State of the 'song
Exhausted. I managed to power through Readercon just fine, but utterly crashed upon returning home, and I am still terribly worn out.

Was awesome and I'll post about it later.

The alt-blogathon site is not going to be ready this year, I think, so! Going solo-ish. I did get some shinies from Anita Allen and upstart_crow to auction. <3 If you haven't sent your items yet, please do!

Also, anyone have Access I can put on my netbook?

Link Soup
* Snoop Dogg tried to rent Liechtenstein.
* Call for submissions: Occupied Bodies: Women of Color Speak on Self-Image.
* More gorgeous book art.

Daily Science
HIV research is undergoing a renaissance that could lead to new ways to develop vaccines against the AIDS virus and other viral diseases. In the latest development, U.S. government scientists say they have discovered three powerful antibodies, the strongest of which neutralizes 91% of HIV strains, more than any AIDS antibody yet discovered.

Work, with a buckling down on the new volunteer training. Meeting sairaali and rivenwanderer after work to pick up their Blogathon auction donations. Then home to clean the chaos, make the to-do list for packing Elayna for Explo, get back to people who e-mailed me over the weekend, et cetera. This is going to be a very tightly scheduled week, between getting Elayna ready for Explo, Blogathon planning, impending mother-in-law visit... yeah. I'll keep breathing.
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