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Speaking of shenanigans

For those who didn't see the edit to my Blogathon post earlier today, I will catch you up and provide as much info as I have.

For about a week, the person running has said that signups would be open Monday (pushed back from 7/1). This morning, she posted Unfortunately, due to personal, technical, and maybe even astrological reasons, Blogathon 2010 has been canceled. No worries, though – we’re planning to return in 2011, and in the meantime we have no doubt that bloggers will do their own thing and continue to make a difference throughout the second half of 2010 and into 2011. Come join us next year and tell us about all the fabulous ways you’ve made a difference!... then deleted it and the rest of the site, leaving just "Blogathon is taking a nap this summer - alas! - but we'll be back in 2011." She then shut off wall posting on the Blogathon Facebook page.

Yes. Again. This happened in 2008, too. And 2004, was it? Yeah.

I am disappointed that she continues to do this instead of allowing people who want to see Blogathon run take over for a year.

I would like to remind people that I am not The Powers That Be; I'm just someone who's been blogathonning for eight years now. I don't have authority here, and I can't just jump in and run the site. I have offered to help, but there's been resounding silence (from her; other people involved have been WTFing as hard as I have).

I am still doing Blogathon. I still give a damn about my charity, and so do the other intrepid bloggers of Team Venture.

For those who started reading me after the last time I blogathonned on a skip year: I will ask you to donate directly to BARCC and e-mail me your receipt so I can keep a tally and have your info for the prize drawing. Please do not give me your money directly - all sponsorships should go straight to BARCC.

What we're missing without is the backend to keep track of sponsorships, the portal to connect all of the bloggers, and the monitors to keep us awake. So please be patient with your bloggers as they keep track of everything by hand, please link to your fellow bloggers, and readers, please comment up a storm to keep us all going! You can find this year's blogathonners at blogathon_2010.

Blogathon 2010. Can't stop the signal.
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