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Blogathon is Saturday, July 31, 9am EST through Sunday, August 1, 9am EST! No, signups are not yet open. I'll post as soon as they are. Yes, I'll be blogging for BARCC again.

Yes, I am still seeking awesome stuff to auction! Do you make stuff? I would like to auction it. So far we have jewelry, knitted things, trinket boxes, paintings, all manner of awesome stuff. Whatever you make will be absolutely welcome. Don't make stuff, but know someone who does? Pass this along!

If you're planning to donate something, please tell me now and get it to me by Saturday, July 24. If you aren't quite done by then and have donated stuff before and sent it to auction winners in a timely fashion, you can send me photographs of the item. The auction goes live on Monday, July 26 and runs through Monday, August 2.

As of right now, people signed up to blog as Team Venture = me, slipjig, jennifer, wired_lizard, and nevacaruso. But we have a whole lot of maybes. I need to know ASAP if you have decided to blog with us, as there are space considerations; I'm open to finding and blogging in a bigger space, but I need to know that like now so I can start making arrangements.

As of now, the pit crew is just Adam, feste_sylvain, and fiddle_dragon, and I think fiddle_dragon is uncertain maybe swashbucklr; we could use another person or two. Pit crew duties are essentially keeping the blogathonners fed and hydrated and occasionally poking us if we look too sleepy. It'll be fun. You like fun. Also certain blogathonners have been known to cope with the stress by getting naked. I'm just saying.

People have asked if I'm doing a theme this year, writing flash fiction again, et cetera, and the answer is maybe. I have an uncharacteristically busy July, with Readercon this Thursday-Sunday, packing Elayna up for Explo, a visit from my mother-in-law next weekend, concert and out-of-town trip the weekend after that, then hey snap it's just a few days til Blogathon. (And one of those days is the Dating While Feminist event.) So I strongly suspect that I won't make a definitive call on what I'm writing til the week of, if not the day of, but I am, as always, open to suggestions!

EDIT: Apparently is taking the year off. So Team Venture? We're going rogue.
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