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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Cicatrix Playlist 
2nd-Jul-2010 10:03 am
"Sin" - Nine Inch Nails
"Hey Man Nice Shot" - Filter
"Touched" - Vast
"Wasteland" - The Mission UK
"O... Saya" - A. R. Rahman & M.I.A.
"Beloved" - VNV Nation

Aaron and Ash
"Neptune" - S.J. Tucker
"Send Me an Angel" - (I have no idea who does this cover argh.)

"Roosterspur Bridge" - Tori Amos
"I Walk Alone" - Sophie B. Hawkins
"Sleep" - Stabbing Westward
"I'm Not Driving Anymore" - Rob Dougan
"Dust In The Wind" - Kansas
"City Of Marrow" - S.J. Tucker
"Pushing The Needle Too Far" - Indigo Girls
"Scatterlings and Refugees" - Red State Soundsystem

Ash and Kai
"Return to Oz" - Scissor Sisters

"Want" - Recoil
"Throw Away the Key" - Storm Large
"Smothered Hope" - Skinny Puppy
"Inside You" - Stabbing Westward
"Control" - Poe
"Insanity" - Oingo Boingo
"Last Resort" - Papa Roach
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