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Happy birthday to wytchchyld!

Happy early birthday to theferrett, who advances a year over the weekend!

State of the 'Song
Pounding headache ugh. Excedrin, please kick in thank you.

Elayna is
DAY 9, Friday - Nazareth, Haifa and Caesarea Sightseeing
Drive south through the Galilean hills via Nazareth to Haifa stopping for a view of the picturesque Bahai Gardens. Proceed to the Mediterranean coast, and visit Caesarea. Tour the remains of the Roman and Crusader ruins and the impressive theatre. Visit the harbor and see ancient history come to life with the multi-media presentation. Drive south along the coastal highway to Tel Aviv.

Tomorrow is a day at leisure in Tel Aviv, and Sunday she comes home!

My sister is
Doing okayish, and has another doctor appointment this afternoon.

My Readercon Schedule!
I'm in one or two of the three hours of the Midsummer Night's Dream reading that starts at noon, but I don't know which.
2pm: The Year in Short Fiction
4pm: Mythic Delirium/Goblin Fruit Reading
It occurs to me that we could do Twelfth Night Friday night instead of Saturday, before the Meet the Pros(e) Party, if our actors are so inclined.
10:15pm: Meet the Pros(e) Party

10am: The Year in Novels
12:30pm: READING: Cicatrix
3:00pm: Rhysling Award Poetry Slan
After dinner, Twelfth Night, if we don't do it Friday.

11am: Ted Sturgeon Memorial Reading: "Pruzy's Pot"

If you don't know "Pruzy's Pot", be warned; it has been called the grossest story in science fiction. I have an absolute glee regarding the fact that I get to read it. You should come.

Also - when you sign up, they ask you if you want a reading. I figured there was no way they'd give me one, but you certainly don't get one by not asking, so I said sure. They also ask you then and there what you'll be reading, so I said Cicatrix.

So! They gave me a reading.

...Now I have to read Cicatrix. My fiercest most eviscerating down-to-blood-and-bone you're-either-going-to-love-this-or-hate-me work.

You're coming, right? (Please?)

Link Soup
* Doctor Treating Pregnant Women With Experimental Drug To Prevent Lesbianism. "Pediatric endocrinologist Maria New—of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Florida International University—isn't just trying to prevent lesbianism by treating pregnant women with an experimental hormone. She's also trying to prevent the births of girls who display an "abnormal" disinterest in babies, don't want to play with girls' toys or become mothers, and whose "career preferences" are deemed too "masculine." "
* Bulwer-Lytton Awards.
* M. Night Shymalan finally made a comedy!
* Oh Taylor Momsen No.
* The ComicsAlliance Roundtable on Wonder Woman's new costume. Personally, I love the new costume. The chance of me dressing up as Wonder Woman at cons has just increased like five thousand percent.
* Computer program translates Ugaritic!

Link Soup: Rape Culture Edition
* jimhines on rape and the police.
* The NYPD on rape and the police.
* Not regarding the police: rape in the Congo.
* Which is not fucking CULTURAL.

Daily Science
The first published scientific results from the world's most powerful hard X-ray laser, located at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, show its unique ability to control the behaviors of individual electrons within simple atoms and molecules by stripping them away, one by one—in some cases creating hollow atoms.

BPAL Reviews
Inferno: The Dark Side of Fire: cinnamon, bitter almond, and neroli. Heavily spiced, torrid, and possibly conflagrant.
In imp: Oh, dear. That's almost entirely almond.

Ya-Te-Vo: Barbed, sanguinary greenery, fleshy and sharp.
In imp: Very green indeed, but a thick gnarly woody green, like a stem that won't part easily.
On me: Dark roots and vines.

Blood Kiss: Lush, creamy vanilla and the honey of the sweetest kiss smeared with the vital throb of husky clove, swollen red cherries, but darkened with the vampiric sensuality of vetiver, soporific poppy and blood red wine, and a skin-light pulse of feral musk.
In imp: Something very bright and up in my face. Wine more like juice. Oh hai cherry.
On me: Starts as candy, but deepens a bit to become something a bit more subtle. Vetiver emerges. This actually becomes something not-bad that I could see myself wearing out dancing.

Dracul: Black musk, tobacco, fir, balsam of peru, cumin, bitter clove, crushed mint, and orange blossom.
In imp: Muskresinstuff + mint = odd.
On me: Fir and mint rise; clove and balsam hover around the middle, rooted by the musk. Interesting.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: I am still in my nightshirt.
Reading: Ares Express by Ian McDonald and a scattering of nonfiction strewn around the house.
Writing: Cicatrix.
Knitting: I'm over halfway done with the Blogathon scarf; started baby blanket #4 after getting frustrated with the fingerless mitts I want to knit for Blogathon. That pattern does not have a logic to me! *sigh* I'll get it sorted.
Today: No work today. As you may have noticed. :) After a run to the gluten-free bakery soon as they open, I hunker down to have the immense luxury of a writing day. Which I now know I am going to need. Because reading at Readercon, dudes.
Tomorrow: I am idly pondering watching soccer with DAve, but I suspect that'll depend on whether I feel like being up, dressed, and out of the house that early. There is a party later I'd like to attend, but I don't know if anyone's going there from my neck of the woods, and I'm very frustrated with the T lately; my bus home has gone from running every 10 minutes to once an hour if it feels like it.

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