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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Saturday Miscellany

* Elayna and I had a nice long text conversation this morning (for me)/evening (for her) before Grandma informed her that texting was *not* free; later she caught up with me on Gchat. She's doing well. :) Put a note in the Western Wall, bought a dress at the market, had a nice swim at the hotel pool. Tomorrow she tours the New City.

* Dear L5/S1 disc: STOP. THAT. No love, 'song. Seriously, that disc has been torn for years - probably since I was 16, though we only noticed it on the X-Ray when we were X-Raying my lower back for something else entirely in my midtwenties. At that time, we shrugged it off as a thing to deal with when we'd dealt with the pressing matter we'd been X-Raying for. Then I started having seizures, then chronic pain, and there has just always been something more urgent or, in the case of the epilepsy, actually life-threatening. Every so often when I've been doing things bent over I have some pain there when I stand up, or later when I lie down. Today we were cleaning the fridge - and I stood up and almost collapsed against the counter, suddenly pale and with my fingernails digging into my palms. Much worse than ever before. An order of magnitude worse. So. Y'know. There's that to deal with now.

* The wristwarmers I want to make are charted-only. So I guess I'm learning to knit from a chart?

* Your Questions Answered Part Three!
Am I losing it?
I'm not qualified to evaluate? I don't see much on the topic (which I assume is related to the secret) on your LJ, so I don't know much about how you're reacting - but that sort of thing, it's natural to freak out about a bit. I don't know enough about your freakout level to know if it's disproportionate.

Has anything I've written ever upset you?
Nope, but I haven't read the two specific examples yet - one's on the FailKindle, one's in my to-read pile. I'll let you know!

I have most of the first draft of a novel. Friends would like to see it. I think hearing their thoughts *might* encourage me towards the finishing line. I have also been told I shouldn't show it till it's done. What do you do?
Hm. I have done many things - posted novels in progress, showed slivers to people - but I haven't yet actually finished a novel, so I'm not the best person to ask. Novelists? Thoughts?

* Bonus BPAL Reviews!
The Traveller: boot leather, pipe tobacco, and the dust of soft resins, herbs, and soil-flecked gravel picked on long, solitary travels.
In bottle: Soft leather.
On me: Something much lighter and clearer cutting over the leather. Sage in there. And something else I'm not IDing. Verra nice.

The Priestess: White sandalwood, life everlasting, nicotiana, iris pallida, and juniper berry.
In bottle: Guh. Starchy iris.
On me: A bit of juniper jumps up, but the iris defeats it. I really wish they listed Vampire Tarot notes with the original solicitation; I wouldn't have ordered a decant of a floral. :P

Ekhidna: mandrake, dark myrrh, seaweed, swampy moss, black pepper, pimento, opoponax, tobacco absolute, and tarry clove.
In bottle: Dark dark dark gritty rich sweet. Lickable.
On me: *cry* I would have loved to keep that swirl of notes. On me, it separates into tobacco/pimento weirdness. Where o where is my moss, my pepper, my clove, my myrrh?

Meliai: Ash manna and ambrosial honey.
In bottle: Medicinal.
On me: Even more medicinal. Uch. Where is my honey?

* My back still hurts.
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