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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Your Questions Answered, Part Two

what's your favorite gluten free recipie?
Adam improvises risotto. (Tell me that's not a hella sexy sentence.) I've asked him to write up some sort of basic guideline, but essentially: risotto. I like it best with butternut squash or mushrooms. <3

How much would it cost to rent you as my personal writer-monkey and keep you in the tower with naked boys and grapes until you write all of Shayara into a giant book of awesome that I may read?
Honestly, not that much. Room and board and a minimal books/yarn/music budget. I would love to be writing Shayara full-time.

where should i Move to?
What places do you love? What people do you love? Adam and I loved Chicago, DC (okay, he loved DC), and Boston, but we moved here because it had that critical mass of awesome people, plus public transit and good doctors. What are your priorities?

How do you find the time and energy to love all the people you love?
I... don't know how not to! Time is a challenge, energy doubly so. I'm glad I end up loving people who are just as happy to have a low-key evening in with pizza and episodes of Firefly as they are going out adventuring, because sometimes the former is all I can manage. But - I love. I love big. It doesn't take effort for me to love.

Wanna have lunch sometime when you're in the Central Square neighborhood?
Yes please! Also I e-mailed you with squee. :)

Isn't your daughter just made of awesome? (I didn't have a question, so I thought I'd give you an opening to kvell about Elayna.)

Is anyone ever going to give a shit about me and what I make instead of going stock silent or swatting me away?
I think people do. I - nyargh. I think this is a big conversation type of answer, not an anonymous one-liner, so I hope I see you soon and can get a better picture of why you feel that way!

Yo! Epistolary novel! Is this happening or what? (I know schedule's full, so at your leisure, but...epistolary novel!)
Your mom's an epistolary novel. Ahem. Yes yes yes, this can happen, but definitely not until the fall. And you've kinda got a lot going on this summer yourself! So hit me up this fall.

How do you make friends? Or rather, how would you tell someone to make friends (especially when moving to an entirely new city)? I ask because you have such a support group around you - I'm a little jealous.
I made friends before I moved here; as I said above, I moved here partly because we already had a support system here. Hm. In Atlanta I mostly made friends via LJ. In Florida, things started through work. In Vegas, I found a coffeehouse I liked the look of and became a regular, and soon people started stopping by my table. Do you have group-oriented hobbies? Interested in volunteering anywhere?

Anyone else got tips on this one?

Oh, Magic 'Song. Will I ever be a successful writer? *shake shake*
If you get to work, I don't see why you couldn't. Get writing! *whipcrack* :)

Will you visit?
I'd like to! Need passport, time, and money.

Are you doing OK with the offspring out of the country?
Nyargh. Not really. It's part the separation, part worrying if my parents are being dicks (I can see this veering into "why are you not more Jewish?"), and a great big part worried about her physical safety.

Are good intentions and necessity, enough to absolve an act of evil?
I would need your definition of evil to answer that.

How'd you start reading Cat Valente? (P.S. I'm so glad that you knowing her led to you knowing Sooj...)
She was skimming the Blogathon participants page in... 2003? 2004?, noticed that my journal title was "scheherazade in blue jeans", and commented on my LJ. We friended each other in Blogathon solidarity and have been reading each other ever since. And me too re: s00j!

How about a topic? Rainbows.
Why are there so many songs about them?

Can you tell us more about why you cover your hair in public?

Who is Amy Pond? No, come on, *really*?
terri_osborne has a brilliant theory on that, but alas, the post is friends-only!

Are you happy?
Mostly yes. There are various areas in which I am happier or less happy at any given time - like I can be blissed out about my relationships but stressed about my messy house - but overall, yes, I'm happy!

I would love to get to know you better, but I'm painfully shy... what would be ways to start up conversations with you?
This one's good! I'm pretty willing to talk about whatever; I just really suck on response time sometimes. (Often.)

What are your current plans for Shayara?
Man, I'd love to be writing it again. Bits of Jessa's story are spilling out - it's getting close to being a novel at this point. The accidental novel. What I really need to do it completely revamp the website to something more intuitive to me. Also I've been prioritizing other things. I really wish I could subdivide my brain and write three things simultaneously.

Do you think about empty-nesting?
Define? I think about what I'll do when Elayna's off to school and in her own life, yes. If she settles somewhere else, I'll probably end up on the road a lot. Not obsessively visiting her! Just - I like to pick up my backpack and get on a train.

Do you have an RPG system preference, and will Shayara have an RPG version?
If someone with more RPG-writing skillz than me wants to write one, totally. I think it'd make a great game setting. Good variety of types of characters and attributes, and pretty much the whole of human history and beyond to play with. But I can't do that and write the story at the same time, and whenever I try to juggle writing the story and anything else - web design, art wrangling, et cetera - it negatively impacts the story and makes me throw up my hands and go ARGH.
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