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Odin's Day

State of the 'Song
This category replaces Medical, because this year, for the first time in seven years, I don't have daily pain/fluctuations/nasty side effects to chronicle for doctors. Y'all, if you have any chronic pain and fatigue, ask for the blood test for celiac. If you do have it, going off gluten is a total life-changer. Also I am loving Gabitril as an anti-seizure med; I've been on it for a year now, and if I'm having any side effects, they're so mild compared to what I had on other meds that I'm just not noticing. The Gabitril's probably responsible for my continued fatigue (which is much milder than my previous fatigue, which would not be hyperbolic to describe as crippling); all anti-seizure meds have that as side effect #1. But I can walk a straight line, finish a thought, read a book; I do not have double or scrolling vision, I do not feel drunk for hours after taking my medication, et cetera.

So state of the 'song today = slightly underslept; woke up at 3 and 5. Also missing my daughter. When I woke at 3, I went to the bathroom, and just beyond, there was her door, hanging open. *sigh*

Elayna Is
in Newark, buying the stuff she and Adam forgot to pack yesterday; mostly toiletries. Must text Mom that she left her hat. She's flying out to Israel today, and will arrive around midnight my time.

Her being gone for 11 days provides me an opportunity to buckle down and get some work done. So if I say "Can't do lunch, gotta write!" - you are prepared. I have the flash/poem commissions to do first, and hopefully something csecooney told me to write last Readercon. And something for upstart_crow. Basically I'd like to get short fiction/poem committments handled while she's in Israel so it'll be all novel all the time when she's at Explo.

A Question
What would you want to see me offer in a charity-auction community? What would you bid on from me?

I Love This Post So Hard
Autonomy, by Silvana @ Tiger Beatdown. "But no. Just, no. I am not a slave to trauma. I am grown. I have chosen this. Because sometimes there is no rhyme or reason for why people do the things they do, and giving even one of the people who hurt me the power to determine my life is too much already. I respect what Jessica Stern has to say about the healing that understanding her PTSD has brought her. But I can’t forget that feminism taught me that there isn’t always a reason. I don’t do this work because I am damaged and trying to avenge some other injustice. I do it because this is who I am: I identify with the underdog. I am motivated by challenge; the harder and more intractable a problem seems, the more I want to solve it. It may be comforting to think that there are reasons for the choices we make, but we also have to embrace that there is chaos.
I am not pre-determined. I have autonomy, and I chose this road. And I will choose to choose, and not be chosen."

Yes yes fucking YES.

I am a social justice superhero (I fight crime!), but also there is more than a little bit of engineer in me. I see a problem, I start working on solving it. Rape culture is a problem. Okay then, brew up some coffee and hand me my sword, let's get to the bottom of this. That's who I am. That's who I always would have been, I think, trauma history or no. In my prehistory before I had a trauma history, my parents said I looked like I'd've made a great lawyer - but that's more because I was persuasive and logical than for any prekindergarten fascination with lawyering. Persuasive and logical: That was me at 3. This has always been me.

Link Soup
* Zoe Keating's new album is streaming for free. (My pre-ordered CD is hopefully en route.) YOU GUYS, "Escape Artist" trips my choreographer wires so hard. "Lost", too, especially the pizzicato part.
* heavenscalyx is doing a series of posts about neurobiology! This is Relevant to my Interests, and perhaps to yours as well.
* Speaking of neurology, I love amberite's post about the Doctor Who episode "Vincent and the Doctor".

Daily Science
For the first time, scientists have determined the absolute mass of an exoplanet. And the new technique they used revealed high winds in the atmosphere of Osiris, a Jupiter-like planet orbiting a star 150 light years from Earth.

I'd like to say I'm going straight from work into Intensive! Writing! Mode! but realistically, I need to get my house in order today so I can focus on writing tomorrow. So today is cleaning - including some of her areas - and taking care of all of these action items in my tabs, like gathering all of the reviews of "Valentines", ordering yarn to finish the second Blogathon knitting project and do the third, shelving Elayna's books and stripping her bed, et cetera. Mundane, but I'll play the new Zoe Keating album and dance while I'm doing it.
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