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Happy birthday to cheshyre!

Hello to new-ish readers sariel_t and trowa_barton!

Slept half of yesterday thanks to a busy, active day Saturday.

Father's Day!
Happy belated! We celebrated with Discworld and Doctor Who. You?

She has two more days of finals, then a morning of last-day-of-school festivities, and then she's off to Israel. And I am doing my best to put on a brave face. I just - I'm glad she gets to go, because I think travel's a great thing for someone her age. Go forth and experience new things! But I'm sad that I don't get a single day of vacation with her. Any "meet me after work and we will go have an adventure" stuff pretty much has to wait til August, because she'll only really be here for a week and a half before dashing off to Explo, and she'll need that week to relax and get grounded, and I'll need it to help her get everything ready for Explo, and in the middle of that is Readercon and a mother-in-law visit. I just basically don't get any summer adventure time with her til August. Which is a crazybusy month for me, what with the next volunteer training. Plus I'll miss her. A lot.

But she needs to not be worrying about me. So! Brave face.

Link Soup
* sihaya09 is writing a primer for having social justice conversations, and she wants your links and info!
* At khouriajen's behest, I've created blogathon_2010. Doing Blogathon this year? Come on over! (To the community. My house will not hold all of you.)
* I remind you of StrowlerCon. Click around the whole website!

...all of my other links right now are about yarn and rape culture.

Daily Science
Recent research in the US suggests there may be five versions of the theorized Higgs boson.

Work, home; she'll already be home when I get here. It will be an attack-the-gazebo-child's-room day and a laundry day, getting everything set so we can pack tomorrow.
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