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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


Happy birthday to shweta_narayan!

Happy early birthday to rosefox, treadpath, k_crow, and static_eddie!

Meh, but re-settling.

I Am In This and You Want It.
Rhysling Anthology 2010.

Speaking of, it is all confirmed and stuff that I'm in the Rhysling, Goblin/Delirium, and Ted Sturgeon readings at Readercon. As for panels I do not know.

Angry Yet Today?
Genital mutilation and child molestation. At Cornell.

s00j's new album is up for pre-order!

Link Soup
* Kickass Scott Pilgrim trailer.
* Paging the Doctor...
* Help a kitty!

Daily Science
Seventh graders find a cave on Mars.

Friday Memage
Wearing: Plain black shirt and jeans; I must accessorize with something wacky.
Reading: The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon.
Writing: Jessa stuff. Yes, even though I need to be working on something else.
Knitting: Will finish saraphina_marie's blanket this afternoon so I can block it overnight and mail it tomorrow! Also, will swing by the yarn store today for a professional evaluation on whether I have sufficient yarn to do another repeat of the main body pattern of the current shawl; I'm eyeballing it and thinking maybe? but would hate to run out of yarn on the edging. Blogathon scarf is about 35% done; it is dark red and called "Not The Way Home".
Today: Work, yarn store, home. Several choices of stuff to do tonight; it'll depend on energy levels and what swashbucklr feels like doing.
Tomorrow: Beginning of Summer party!
Sunday: Recovery from beginning of summer party! Also there's another party and a burlesque meetup. Options. I has them.

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