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Happy birthday to rubberella!

Decent sleep last night; hopefully I can start pulling out of the weariness cycle. I have too much to do.

I go back to my regular office today, and anticipate at least one full day - probably two - of just going through volunteer training stuff from last week and closing it all out.

And then? Doing the first draft schedule for the August training, and an e-mail blitz to everyone who's registered interest in volunteering this year.

The road goes on forever, my dears.

I am quite thrilled with how well this training went, though. My first class! Professional success FTW!

Looking back through Jessa's story, I'm amazed at how much I totally know happens, that is ridiculously clear in my head, that I seem to have just not written down yet. So last night? An offer she had to refuse.

The Third Vegas Story
After "The Angel of Fremont Street" and "Fortune". I kept trying to write it, thinking I knew what it was. Turns out it's about something completely different. Most vexing, I don't know how it ends yet. But I certainly know how it begins.

Link Soup
* A great takedown of Megan Lindholm's fail.
* Hey, you can buy prints by haikujaguar!
* Ankh-Morpork subway map.
* New DJ Earworm.

Daily Science
Comets are usually thought of as icy, dusty emissaries from the deepest reaches of the solar system. But according to a new simulation, many of them could have originated somewhere even more exotic—in budding planetary systems around other stars.

Work, peer supe tonight - and I'm still not certain if I'm coming home between. We'll see.
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