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Elayna quote of the day: "I am a thinly-disguised pirate." Yes, dear. Yes, you are. And there is a complicated narrative about this ensemble.

Happy early birthday to hughcasey, ldy, off_coloratura, and roomette, who all advance a year over the weekend!

Just exhausted; Boston office is more of a commute, and I've been working longer.


Volunteer Training
Well, it's Friday, and nothing's blown up, and all of the trainers actually showed up - on time - and got great reviews, and the new volunteers seem happy and engaged (although yesterday after I left they had their childhood SA training)...

I think I win?

Long as everything goes well today, and it ought to. Graduation certificates are being brought in, cake is ordered, CDs are burned and in my bag, I just need to order lunch and get the new kids in our database between transitioning them between speakers and generally monitoring them, and yeah. By this afternoon, they're good.

Newer readers, I've volunteered at BARCC for three years, just started working there in December - right in the middle of the org cycle for the January training. This is the first training I've planned from the ground up and been onsite to help facilitate. This is the first time I've done a lot of this stuff. And... no real problems yet, knock wood. This could potentially be our first problem-free training. (Hey, it has a lot of people and a lot of moving parts. The Fuckup Fairy loves stuff like that.)

Other Aspects of This Week
Dear god this has been a lot of "don't say what you think," and that makes me crazy. There was an interpersonal conflict that I'd thought was done and in its grave ages ago, but the person involved apparently cannot be a grownup and was whining all over and needed Closure, so I had to sit and give them a polite version of "what you did felt an awful lot like harassment and it made me disinclined to acquiesce to your request", and they gave their fictional version of events and I um-hummed and gave them the precious Closure, because correcting the narrative would have just dragged this out longer, and the person is not capable of hearing stuff.

Speaking of not capable of hearing stuff, I had to block someone from my Facebook for the first time yesterday. That was fun. Apparently I'm not allowed to not be okay with random strangers grabbing their hands on me. No, this person was very invested in me not having bodily autonomy. Mark said "He won't hear you, just block him." So. Yes. Because when I'm surrounded by DPH paperwork and running a training, I don't really have the energy to 101 people to the point of "do not grab random women by the hips and push them into whatever position you want them to be in". That's not even 101. That's pretty remedial. But yeah, I was polite on that when I wanted desperately not to be.

Speaking of Bodily Autonomy
Since January 1, I have been partially covering my hair. I have... many and varied reasons why. Part of it is that my hair, half of which fell out with the weight crash last year, looks fuller with stuff in it. Part of it is that it's a subconscious barrier to people just reaching out and grabbing my hair (which is something I find really not cool if you're over 2). Part of it, though I'm not Orthodox Jewish and am mostly just culturally Jewish, is that since I'm not okay with most people playing with my hair, it makes sense to take advantage of that line in the sand and say "general public, my hair is not for you; it is for my partners and my close friends."

There's a lot more to unpack about that later. But. Has it worked? It's not 100% effective, but it's more effective than not having anything in my hair; people don't want to mess up the feathers, et cetera. Also it allows me more opportunities to be a magpie. So.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Plain black v-neck and jeans; haven't decided on jewelry and hair stuff yet.
Reading: The Hidden Sense: Synesthesia in Art and Science, by Cretien van Campen, and Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert.
Writing: I had an OHHHH moment re: "Maxfield Parrish Blue(s)". Need to work that in.
Knitting: I am officially more than 2/3 done with saraphina_marie's baby blanket! But I'm picking the shawl back up today because it's smaller - or maybe starting the scarf for Blogathon, because it has shorter rows and is therefore more bus-friendly. I have a lot to tote back to the Cambridge office for Monday, and the blanket takes up most of my bag. I need to photograph my newly-blocked shawls!
Today is volunteer training. Tonight I do not know. Probably house stuff.
Saturday I'm tabling for BARCC at Boston Pride! If you're there between 11-1, come see me! Free hugs!
Sunday I need to take Elayna shopping for clothes and stuff for Israel and Explo. Sunday night, I am considering Bent Wit Cabaret.


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