Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Scattered Sunday Bits

* All three Gojirawitzes* attended a party last night. Elayna dazzled the crowd with her science geekery. <3 And we got on the topic of Shakespeare, as Elayna's currently reading Romeo and Juliet in class (and we were talking with stakebait, who was Hippolyta to our Puck and Hermia in my birthday living-room Shakespeare). We were discussing my frustration at being cast as Juliet in my middle school's production, when I wanted to be the Nurse (I also had to be Sandy instead of Rizzo. It is not my fault I was tiny and blonde, y0. I wanted to be a character actress!). So Elayna said, "Y'know who I'd want to play in Romeo and Juliet, if casting was gender-neutral?" and she and I said, in unison, "I'd want to be Mercutio."

My daughter, ladies and gentlemen and those who have yet to decide.

* The next living room Shakespeare, btw, will be Twelfth Night. Date to be set. Dibs on Sir Toby Belch, and feste_sylvain has dibs for life on Feste, of course. Anyone interested in making this a Readercon room party?

* I have acquired blocking mats and am blocking the Arabella shawl, and... a) I need more blocking mats, and b) I see two ways in which I have fucked up. I bound off too tightly, which means it really doesn't have the flex it needs - y'all, I only know one bind-off. I will swatch and practice more flexible bindoffs. The other thing is that row 5 of the first of three edging charts was totally missing from the instructions; since I don't read charts, I don't travel with them, just with the written instructions. And I was on a plane. So I winged it. And it is off. I've mentioned it to the designer, and she's fixing it on the .pdf, but... I think that I will re-knit this so the auction winner will get a perfect one and not a "hm, that's mostly gorgeous, but should that be like that?" one. I do have another skein of the lovely gunmetal yarn.

* The NOMAS supply drive was a success! <3 Thank you for donating and volunteering and making sure our car didn't get towed, asciikitty, and thank you for donating, nevacaruso and zombie_dog and, if you're reading, heavenscalyx!

* Have some BPAL reviews.
Paduan Killer Swarm: Tonka, black licorice, amber, golden sandalwood, ginger cream, bitter clove, stinging nettle, cinnamon bark, and coconut shell.
In bottle: More coconut than anything else.
On me: There's the lick of licorice. Anise tonka coconut. Clove just flickers around the edges... I swear this shifts into something with a touch of leather. Huh.

Doll's Eye Infused Honey: Honey, yes, but something... starchy? Synesthesia Lass says this smells white to off-white. The starch fades to sweet, but still very crisp.

Yew Berry Infused Honey: Rich and spicy. Seriously! Spicy! The powdery-spice cinnamon-clove that shows up in some scents. I'm not even really getting honey here, just the opening of a spice cabinet.

Jerusalem Cherry Infused Honey: My nose recoils. Something acidic. *googles* Nightshade. That explains that. kebechet has produced a very accurate nightshade.

* I got a bunch done around the house yesterday morning, which feels good. For all that I've been called a chaos dancer (*eyes J.*), I do require some order. Plans are to keep on that track this early-afternoon before leaving for another party. I'll have a busy and unusually-shaped week, due to volunteer training and a friend in town, so it'll help considerably to have things aligned before I launch into that.

(For new readers: Adam and I joked about changing our names to something to avoid the whole feminist questions of me taking his name. We settled on Gojirawitz, as it denotes strength, nuclear energy, and our culturally-Jewish heritage. This visibly horrified my mother so much that we had to keep it. (I ended up taking Adam's surname because it's easier to spell and pronounce.) Elayna and I, being much like Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, are the Gojirawitz Girls.)
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