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Happy birthday to azurelunatic, trouvera, and zeppo!

Happy early birthday to vanuslux and kizlj!

Still doing okay. Whew.

I want to commit to damnwell doing something on my to-write checklist every week (short fiction and poetry version), but I do not have time this week, so? Next week? Story for upstart_crow. *crosses fingers*

Up to 28 Blogathon craft donations. There's a flogger, guys. And a squid hat. And all manner of wonderment.

Oh, Vexation
Elayna is digging through my socks and finding many that will need darning. Not the best use of my time. :P

After every event, the deluge of scary-awful pictures of me. Mark regarding one that surfaced on Facebook while I was AFK yesterday and thus unable to untag immediately: "Um. I know you *have* a jawline, but..." Yeah.

I actually find these photos... I hesitate to say triggery, because I try to reserve that for sexual assault issues, which this isn't at all. But seeing them does trigger a *reaction* in me, a panic/nausea thing.

I would post one of the awful pics beside one of the ones I posted last night just so you can see, but no.

And no offense to anyone who took a pic that made me cringe - I'm not kidding when I say that I photograph really poorly. It is not your fault! But I assure you, I look much more like I do in the pics I posted last night than in any others. By an order of magnitude.

(I did post one on Facebook where the pic of me itself makes me cringe, but tithenai and I are so clearly absolutely delighted to be hugging each other that I wanted it anyway; thanks, shveta_thakrar!)

So I'm working on not letting that reaction escalate, and just untagging myself instead of wigging out and saying "make it go awaaaaay".

Special note: This is not where you insist that I photograph beautifully because you have seen good photographs of me. The ratio of good/OMGNO is about 1 to 50. You only see that 1. Trust me on the others.

Link Soup
* jimhines has another excellent post about writing about rape.
* Cherie Priest on the Gulf oil spill.
* On the brighter side, Wiscon photo booth pics! I'm sad I never made it to the photo booth; I was wandering the hallways with vylar_kaftan and judged myself perhaps a bit too tipsy to photograph appropriately. But a bunch of my friends are there. <3

Link Soup, Daily Science Edition
* Jupiter takes a hit!
* What does the hottest matter ever made sound like?
* Pride and Prejudice and Mouse Urine.
* Hubble catches stars on the move.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Jeans and the shirt and necklace I'm wearing in the pics I posted last night.
Reading: The Pirate's Dilemma: How Youth Culture is Reinventing Capitalism, by Matt Mason.
Writing: Poking at those final edits on "Maxfield Parrish Blue(s)", which basically consists of making decisions about alien pronouns. Everything else is just settled. It is just pronouns and the patronymic that are making me crazy.
Knitting: I've picked up saraphina_marie's blanket again, and I started another Travelling Woman shawl at Wiscon in shades of purplebluegreen - The pattern reminds me of waves and shells and the yarn reminds me of s00j's gorgeous song "Neptune", so they had to go together.
Today: Crazy day at work, making sure absolutely everything gets done for next week's volunteer training. Lunch with mangosteen the Merciless. Enter the Haggis is playing in Lowell tonight, but I have not found anyone interested in hauling me out there, and lo, I weep, because I could really use some Enter the Haggis this week.
Tomorrow: If I've the energy for some Cambridge River Festival before the NOMAS DV shelter supply drive, awesome! If not, just that supply drive - Porter Square, 1-4:30. Still seeking volunteers and, of course, shoppers! If you're around Camberville tomorrow, please do swing by and donate! <3 That evening, I have a friend's party.
Sunday: Is another party.

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