Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Blogathon Auction Stuffs!

Me: silvergrey shawl
Me: scarf
Me: fingerless mitts
emilytheslayer: fiber-arts awesomeness
magenta_girl: knitted giant squid hat
jnanacandra: painting
ultra_lilac: art print or original
arianhwyvar: key pendant
kythryne: jewelry TBA
ioianthe: something leather
ioianthe: something felt
regyt: handmade glass bead or necklace made with said bead
sairaali: handknit shawl
rivenwanderer: jewelry (possibly steampunk; examples of work)
freyapax: scarf
darling_tess: matted fairy print
hilariarex: Necklace and earring set (examples of work)
moiracoon: "something steamy and shiny" (examples of work)
crowgirl13: something made of clay
sihaya09: One or two shiny things!
solcita: Swarovski crystal bracelet
gothtique: something fun
spoothbrush: jewelry
cluegirl: bead lace necklace
crewgrrl: handknit feather & fan cloche
settecorvi: scarf or fingerless mitts
shadowege613: recycled leather flogger
sheistheweather: tiara?
jenstclair: teacup spindle
mizarchivist: pirate-chest tin
qotcpcf: jewelry
sofiaviolet: jewelry
corvaxgirl: handspun yarn
colorwhirl: handspun/knitted hat or wristwarmers
s00j: Mischief!

And more to come! <3 Yes, I absolutely want more stuff to auction. For new readers: This is an auction I run in parallel with my Blogathon (an all-nighter for charity); all proceeds go to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. If you make stuff of any kind - art, jewelry, music, books, anything - chances are I'd love to auction your work for BARCC. :)
Tags: blogathon.2010
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