Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Odin's Day

I am so thrown off by having Monday off.

Hello to new reader archetypal and returning reader skintalker!

I did nap heavily yesterday, but so far the only repercussions of the trip have been exhaustion; I was ouchy Friday afternoon and evening from all the standing at the Gathering (3 straight hours), but got okay, and I'm not having the usual wave of AAAAUGH MY BODY IS THROBBING. Whew. Yay for my new normal, wrt to pain levels.

Okay. Blogathon is Saturday, July 31.

What I am looking for is this:

* Who's interested in blogging as a part of Team Venture?
* Who's interested in being pit crew for Team Venture?
* If we need space for more than 6 bloggers and two pit crew at any given time, has anyone got room for us? Because my husband will lose his shit if we go above that. There was Drama last year because I actually stuck to that limit, but y'all, my husband's sanity is important to me. He's the one who makes the risotto 'round here.


* Who wants to make stuff for the auction? Ideally I like to have 48 items, one to highlight in each post. I'm making three, so I'm looking for 45 things. Check out blogforbarcc for examples! The loose theme this year is the strength/resilience of survivors, or anything about how you feel on the topic, but really I'm not going to make you stick to that. It's whatever you want to do.

Last year, we had some stuff go out way too late for my taste, so the new rule is that it has to be in my hot little hands by Saturday, July 24, so I can photograph it (if you haven't already, and please do because you're probably better than me) and get it up for auction (not on LJ; on a system gardenfey built) on Monday, July 26. Everything being auctioned will be mailed by me. In one swell foop. Which will be aaaagh but I'll know stuff went out.

Running Late
So no link soup or daily science.

Work, writeup of Take Back the Sci-Fi for the BARCC Blog, home, posting my summer schedule - this is hopefully of interest to you because it involves stuff like me speaking at a Fucking Dating While Feminist event with Jaclyn Friedman and Holly Pervocracy, and also hey, anyone else local and interested on weighing in on that topic? Let me know and I'll get your info to the organizer. And - lots of stuff. Hopefully napping will not be necessary today. Because of all the stuff I set aside to deal with after Wiscon.
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