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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day

Rabbit rabbit!

Happy birthday to alphafenris!

Hello to new readers angelsscream, tanyad, pattytempleton, and muppetk!


There will be a much fuller writeup when I've had a bit more rest. But. For now. The thing you have all been waiting for: There was no fail at the Take Back the Sci-Fi panel. Zero fail. Absence of fail! I was so relieved! Panelists karnythia, ktempest, and rachel_swirsky kicked so much ass, and we had an excellent and engaged audience. More on that later. But you can check #sfredux on Twitter for the no-longer-live feed.

Basically? Everything Wisconny kicked ass. Reading was awesome. And I was able to feed myself. And I got to reconnect with awesome people and meet new awesome people. And yes. And hey, I finished the shawl.

More later.

This is a quick reminder that if you are making stuff for the Blogathon auction, you ought to start soon. Bigger post soon (later? tomorrow?) on this topic and on Blogathon in general.

So nu?
What's going on? What did I miss out here in the world?

Link Soup
* Congrats to rachel_swirsky for taking second in the Million Writers Award!
* Plus I just found out the my story "The Angel of Fremont Street" actually made it to the shortlist, which is exciting.
* Lightspeed Magazine launches today with a wonderful story by vylar_kaftan!

Daily Science
'Neutrino oscillation': The OPERA experiment likely seen the first tau-neutrino!

I have a massively busy week at work, getting everything ready for next week's new volunteer training. It is chicken-with-my-head-cut-off time. After work I have NAP, almost certainly. And unpacking and reorganizing my life. I won't be at Diesel tonight, as feste_sylvain won't either and I have just spent five solid days at a con, so I think just hanging out with my family is the better part of valor here. Basically, don't expect to see me socially til Saturday.
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