Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day

Hangin' in. Successfully got through yesterday without requiring a nap. Alas, will also have to get through today and tomorrow napless, which leaves me nervous about getting the writing time I need Thursday and Friday.

Work in Progress
I'm taking a stab at the third haunted-Vegas story. I do not think it's ready to be stabbed at yet. It's hard to be emotionally honest about this character and have him remain sympathetic.

Anyway I need to be working on a story due Friday. Which is not this story. Meep.

And then the stuff I want to read at Wiscon.

is keeping me very busy this week, but in the good way. The getting-things-accomplished way, not that AAAAGH MAKE THE PHONE STOP RINGING way. This is the first volunteer training I'm doing from the ground up, and tomorrow's my first information-and-interview session, and I am excited because yay shiny new people into social justice! Also there are some innovations in the CAPS program that I'm excited about.

Making Stuff
Finished the baby blanket for the co-worker; now I'm a bit over halfway done with fortunavirilis's wrap and just begun on saraphina_marie's blanket.

After that, I start knitting stuff for Blogathon! One item for each of the three central characters in Cicatrix. I'm thinking a shawl for Ash, a scarf for Kai - and I already have their colors picked out - but for Aaron, I keep poking at making falls instead of knitting something. With charms woven in, just like his hair. So.... spinning art yarn. New skillset. Aii. Hello. Maybe I could collect some art yarns from people who already spin it, and charms, et cetera...

In General
I am falling out of my full flail. A few good nights of sleep in a row has helped tremendously.

Link Soup
* Last chance to sponsor S00j's new album!
* Public speaking tips.
* Top 40 mashup with violin!

Daily Science
Untangling the quantum entanglement behind photosynthesis

Work (with oodles of info-session prep!), afternoon with feste_sylvain, Red Sox game. (I will bring my knitting.)

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