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Happy birthday to crisavec, mendoza, kythryne, and azhure! Wow! What a big birthday for awesome people. <3

Feeling better after three straight nights of actual sleep.

Only My Life
I wear stuff in my hair. (In the icon, a fabric flower with a feather and retro brooch in the middle.) One of my hair clips is a peacock feather. Most places I go, I get "Oh! Did you make that?"

Yesterday at the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival: "Oh! Do you breed peacocks?"


I do need to start making my own hair stuff, if I can find an accessible craft store with the necessary stuff; the Pearl in Central Square closed down, and the indie art store there doesn't have this sort of thing.

Resetting the Seizure Counter
So Thursday I was thinking "that was probably - okay, almost certainly - a seizure, what with the crawling sensation coming down from my head and the seeing things as if through and aquarium and speech not working."

Friday I was like "...yeah. And then I came home and couldn't think in a straight line and was so exhausted I was in bed at 9."

So yeah. That was.

*resets counter*

Link Soup
* The Doozers' knitting song.
* Hot guys reading books.
* It's not often you see anti-Semitism in Boston.
* Haunted Mansion!

Daily Science
Traumatic experiences can scar for life, both mentally and physically. Now it seems they even leave chemical marks on DNA – in areas responsible for immune functions and memory.

Work, writing time, BARCC Peer Supe.

The Week Ahead
Tuesday: Date afternoon with feste_sylvain, then my first Red Sox game evar with BARCC colleagues, Adam, Elayna, Feste, and Feste's younger daughter.
Wednesday: The first BARCC info/interview session for prospective volunteers. Monday - Wednesday at work = prep for this; Thursday & Friday are prep for the session a week from today. After session, possibly a meetup.
Thursday and Friday: Much-deserved days home.
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