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Thor's Day

Still feeling ugh. But. Work today.

If you were planning to sponsor Elayna, today's the day; we need to mail the check tomorrow!

Only one auction left - the BPAL.

Thanks, everyone who's sponsored and donated items so far! Full thank-you list will go up Monday, I hope.

Link Soup
* The BARCC blog continues apace. Dave is really kicking ass lately.
* Nominate 40 under 40! "We are searching for 40 fabulous feminist women and men to honor as the “40 Under 40” to pay attention to in the future." I'm 36. I'm just saying.
* A series of questions.
* Data-driven lives.

This one gets set aside, with a TRIGGER WARNING.
I posted this on Facebook last night, saying I had no words yet. I am still finding my words, and will use them in a post for the BARCC blog tomorrow.

Read this if you can stomach it; be warned that it's horrible. But it is important, I feel, to see how terrible this world can be, so we know how important it is to stand up and fight to make a better world.

Unicorn Chaser

Elayna and I, this month, near her middle school; picture by Miriam Fagan for her "why do you care?" project photographing people who work to end sexual violence. (I did a shoot with my co-blogger, too.) Elayna and I still need to write out statement...

Sadly, our heads are too far apart here to make this a good Elayna-and-Mom icon; our faces are tiny when you get both our heads into the picture! But I've made the part of just my face my default icon because it better shows what my face and hair look like *now*. Less cognitive dissonance!

Daily Science
A series of novel imaging agents could light up tumors as they begin to form - before they turn deadly - and signal their transition to aggressive cancers.

I'm still not exactly sure what the work plan is today; at some point we are going to the State House to see our executive director get an award (because she is awesome). There's a lunch reception after, which I'll most likely skip because I have no clue what it is and if whoever's preparing it can understand the no-gluten thing. This early evening I'll be tabling at the CambridgeSide Galleria's Passport to Style event (part of the proceeds go to BARCC! You should come!), and then having dinner with mangosteen, who is just emerging from his b-school cocoon. I... am not sure if going home between makes sense? I'll bring tonight's shirt and jewelry (it's a fashion event, I can be flashier than at a State House ceremony) with me.

Does anyone care about the "plans" section but me? I find it helpful in organizing my mind and trajectory before wandering off for that day.
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