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Happy birthday to nwhyte!

Hello to new reader twistpeach!

My brain fell out Friday night, and only found its way home last night.

No, seriously. Just stopping working. Remember last week when I had that "I am thinking underwater" thing? Same thing. I am really not sanguine about this. I cannot afford to lose several days to that kind of brain-erasing fatigue.

I seem to be back to normal today, which is good, because I have a busy day.

Auctions! The auctions for the arianhwyvar key pendant and the custom baby blanket end tonight at midnight! Tambourine by fiddle_dragon ends Wednesday. BPAL eBay auction ends Thursday.

Elayna hasn't finished the next installment of Ixi's Gambit; she'll write and post it after school.

Dear World
When I said I might like to be dating an additional person, I meant one. What's with the sudden surfeit?

Link Soup
* Also I want to print and use these posters.
* Bit of beauty.
* Another bit of beauty, this time dancewise.
* Abandoned subway tunnels.

Daily Science
A team of Houston scientists has unveiled a new technique that uses magnetic nanobeads to levitate cells, allowing them to grow into three-dimensional structures. This technological leap from the flat Petri dish has the potential for significant impact on cancer research, where recent studies have demonstrated that cancer cells growing in two-dimensional sheets are not the optimal systems for studying potential anticancer agents. In fact, techniques for growing cells in three-dimensional structures could save millions of dollars in drug-testing costs.

Work, home to do the stuff I should've been doing this weekend, BARCC Peer Supe, Amanda Marcotte reading/talk.
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