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Happy birthday to taura_g!

Happy early birthday to fiannaharpar, mizarchivist, rigel, and zoethe, who advance a year over the weekend!

Cautious optimism.

Current auctions:
* My entire BPAL/other scents swap box. (ends Thursday)
* A handpainted tambourine by fiddle_dragon. (ends Wednesday)
* A gorgeous key pendant by arianhwyvar. (ends Monday)
* A custom baby blanket by me. (ends Monday)

And Elayna's story is ongoing, and will run at least through the end of next week.

Vote early! Vote often!
* haikujaguar's "Spots the Space Marine" is up for a Top Web Fiction award!
* badlittlemonkey's Beatles Rock Band website is up for a Webby!

Link Soup
* LJ charity auction for victormilan: 2victorgospoils. Check it out!
* liamstliam points out a fascinating Doonesbury storyline about rape in the military.
* Gallifrey tourism poster.
* Yay, a new story by ogre_san!

Daily Science
A unique combination of telescopes allowed astronomers to simultaneously observe the radio wavelength light from six different pulsars across wavelengths from only 3.5 centimetres up to 7 metres - a difference-factor of 200, providing an unprecedented view of how radio pulsars shine.

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Black foldover-collar shirt, jeans, big jangly birthday necklace, peacock feather in my hair.
Reading: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and Gonzo Judaism by Rabbi Niles Goldstein.
Writing: Zero time this week. This makes me full of argh.
Knitting: Baby blanket still.
Today: Work, hopefully checking out a venue for s00j and K's Strowler Event, swashbucklr's birthday party.
Tomorrow: Gore Place Sheepshearing Festival, Evil Dead: The Musical at MIT.
Sunday: An unplanned day. Phew.

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