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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to x_bluerose_x, avivasedai, and my totally awesome chosen-family sister gwynraven!

Spent much of my workday yesterday thinking "I NEED A NAP". Went home. Napped. That was yesterday, all of it. Just - run ragged from a busy Tuesday following a sedentary glutened Monday.

What I am having these days is a struggle regarding what I feel like I should be capable of doing. I feel so much better painwise and energywise that my body keeps trying to go back to its factory settings - and I am not, in fact, All Better. I'm a lot better, which fools my subconscious. But then I pay for it.

So I need to find a way to figure out exactly how much I can handle, against the instinct of my subconscious Supergirl mind going "Oh yeah, we got this!"

Remember the auctions!

Also remember that for $10, you can insert an item into Elayna's story; for $25, a character; for $50, a major plot twist. She got five things last night from lawbabeak to work in, and she was delighted!

I need to total up how much money we have and how much we need. It's just that "how much we need" is dependent on when we get our Publisher's Weekly checks and state tax return. I am twitchy about not knowing this, when the due date is next Saturday.

Besides the baby blanket - anything else knitted-by-me you'd like to see up for auction? I'm not offering fiction right now because I'm still behind on that; I don't need my writerbrain for knitting, so I know I can do that every day on the bus.

Link Soup
* Round-table review of X-Men Forever Annual #1.
* This is awesome.
* Mr. Bean as Doctor Who.

Daily Science
NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has discovered something odd about a distant planet -- it lacks methane, an ingredient common to many of the planets in our solar system.

Work - then free They Might Be Giants concert at the Greenway. TMBG goes on at 1:30, so we should get there just in time. I'm bringing Elayna and two of her friends. Home with the kids for vacation week? Join us!

No evening plans, which is good, because I have a busy weekend and need another home night. *nod*
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