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Gojirawitz Girls Challenge: Ixi's Gambit

Somewhat different than planned! I am seriously brainfogged today, to the point where I just cannot think in full sentences. Which makes writing a Challenge.

So I asked Elayna if she was working on anything on her own that we could serialize, and she said "why, yes." So here is the first installment of Elayna's science fiction story.

Ixi's Gambit

“What. The. Ass.” I sat up, rubbing my neck. “Ow…” I looked down at her. She’d fallen on top of me when I was walking home. From where, I have no idea. Upward.

So I looked up. But there was no place she could have fallen down from. No buildings, no trees…

“Hey, Leo!” Zeke and Mark were running toward me. Zeke was huge: over six and a half feet tall. Mark, of course, was short. Mark was really short. Mark was less than five feet tall.

“Who’s the chick?” Zeke asked, glancing at her. I shrugged and prodded her to see if she was conscious. She wasn’t. She was alive though: she was still breathing.

“Where did she come from?” Mark was staring at her. “Whoa. She’s almost as small as me!” Zeke started snickering. “Oh, wha-- No! Zeke, that’s not what I meant! Shut up!”

I ignored their playing and kept looking at the girl. “I don’t know. She fell on me.” I wouldn’t call her pretty. She wasn’t. She wasn’t ugly either, though. And she wasn’t even “average”. I had no idea what to describe her as.

“She fell on you?” Mark gasped.


“From where?”

I pointed up toward the sky. Mark’s eyes lit up.

“Maybe she’s from outer space!” he exclaimed excitedly.

Zeke started laughing. “You actually believe him? Mark, dude, he’s just pulling your leg. No one here came from outer space.”

I frowned. “I’m being perfectly serious. I knew you wouldn’t believe me…”

“If you knew I wouldn’t believe you, then why’d you say it? You got Mark believing it, and now he’s going to be obsessed with her.”

Mark looked offended. “I am not!” he insisted defensively.

“Right, sure.”

“I’m serious!”

Suddenly, we heard a quiet whimper come from the girl. We all jumped away from her. She started sitting up, and looked at us. Then she smiled.


I blinked in bewilderment. “… Um. Hi.”

She tilted her head curiously. “Who are you three?”

“Who am I? You fell on me!”

“Oh, did I? I apologize for that.”

“… No problem.” I sighed. This is going to be one of those days, isn’t it…? “Anyway, my name is Leo. These are Mark, and Zeke.” I gestured to them as I said their names. Mark waved cheerfully, and Zeke just nodded in acknowledgement. “And who are you?”

She smiled sweetly. “Oh, I don’t actually know, I’m afraid.”

“Um, what?”

“I don’t actually know who I am exactly. I’m just sort of… here.” She waved around happily.

“You mean… you have amnesia?”

“That’s just silly. Of course not. If I had amnesia, I would not be able to remember my own name.”

“Wait, so… you do know your name?”

“Oh, yes, I do! My name is Ixi.”

“So, you just forgot, like… hobbies and stuff? Likes and dislikes? Things like that?”

She looked confused. “I know most of my hobbies, and my likes and dislikes.”

“So, you don’t know your past then?”

“It depends on what you mean. I don’t remember much of anything between when I was born and when I became six years old. I can’t remember how many cups of milk I put into my breakfast yesterday, and I can’t recall in perfect detail what all happened last week in chronological order… And I certainly can’t remember how to say the alphabet backwards.”

I blinked blankly. Zeke did the same. Mark looked very impressed.

Her head tilted in puzzlement. “I’m sorry. I don’t seem to be communicating with you three very well. What is it you’re not following?”

“I follow, actually,” Mark offered. “Do you want me to explain for you?”

She smiled at him. “If you would, I would appreciate the gesture.”

Mark turned back to us. “The main problem here was actually the question. Leo, when you asked her who she was, she thought that you were expecting a full, detailed report on her past, personality… kind of like some sort of record. When actually…” Turning back to Ixi, he continued. “… He was just asking for your name, and possibly where you come from and why you’re here.”

Her face lit up. “Oh, I see! I’m so sorry about that. I’m afraid I don’t know the customs very well. Allow me to start over. My name is Ixi, and I’m from a country far, far away called Leonteria.”

Zeke stared at her. “And what side of the Earth is that on?”

She giggled. “I think Mark here can explain?”

Mark shook his head. “That’s not any country on Earth.”

“It sure isn’t. I’m not from Earth, you see.”

We may get kicking on our joint story tomorrow, or you may get more Ixi's Gambit. Depends on my brain!

All funds go to Elayna's Explo fund!
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