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Happy birthday to ktempest and rfreebern!

Hello to new reader the_curmudgn!

Felt tremendously oogy yesterday, and still do a bit today. Possible glutening. I actually slept til noon today, which I never ever do!

Auctions are happening! You have another day and a half to bid on aelscha custom fingerless mitts and hilariarex jewelry. Custom baby blanket by me and a key pendant from arianhwyvar went up today and will be up for a week.

Elayna and I have decided on plot and setting for this week's Gojirawitz Girls Challenge, and will be writing as soon as my brainfog clears up a bit. The brainfog, it is substantial.

Sponsor natrlobsessions in her Spin-a-Thon to help offset medical expenses for her girlfriend!

I am just saying
Consent = totally hot.

And important in nonsexual situations, too.

Link Soup: If You're not Outraged, You're Not Paying Attention Edition
* Thomas Macaulay Miller lays it all out regarding Roethlisberger's predatory behavior: "Big Ben and the Emerging Pattern". This is what a serial rapist looks like.
* NH gubernatorial candidate Jack Kimball claims that taxation = rape. New Hampshirites, you know what to do.
* Sonoma County CA separates elderly gay couple and sells all of their worldly possessions. Horrifying.

Unicorn Chaser
Cat playing with an iPad.

Link Soup: Standard Edition
* Cherie Priest's panties.
* Can you be a writer and a mother? (Spoiler: yes.)
* I would like these cards.

Daily Science
A brain implant made partly of silk can melt onto the surface of the brain, providing an "intimate" connection for recording signals, researchers reported on Sunday. Tests of their device showed the thin, flexible electrodes recorded signals from a cat's brain more accurately than thicker, stiff devices. Such devices might help people with epilepsy, spinal cord injuries and even help operate artificial arms and legs, the researchers report in the journal Nature Materials.

Not-So-Daily BPAL
Aperotos Eros: benzoin, Indian musk, massoia bark, myrrh, ambrette seed, galbanum, bergamot, and fir
In bottle: Both sharp and dark. Lots of fir.
On me: The fir blends down, disappearing into a musk/resin swirl, peeking out here and there in unexpected needles.

Sloth: vetiver over black myrrh
In bottle: Dark and gritty.
On me: Oh, there's the sweetness of the myrrh smoothing out the vetiver. Not quite lickable, but intriguing.

Othello: Arabian musk with two roses and a bevy of Middle Eastern and Indian spices.
In bottle: Oh, I fear. More rose than other.

The Miller's Daughter: Spun gold, tear-soaked straw, and rose-infused amber.
In bottle: This is... a sour metallic. Peculiar.
On me: Very very sour. Uch.

I will continue to try to wake up. Elayna and I have a story to begin. Tonight, I see The Losers with Adam - and lightcastle will be here! <3
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