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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to ariesd!

Happy early birthday to goblin-goddess wirewalking, pro-feminist superhero jimhines, the delectable swashbucklr, and fabulous fullstop thegreenyear, who advance a year tomorrow!

I am beginning to disbelieve in a world without tired.

Explo Fundraising
Auctions have begun! If you're offering an item, send me pics and a description - to my Gmail, please, as LJ comments get lost in the shuffle. Thank you!

And for those who want to alter he course of the story we'll be spinning next week:

Video of the Day
This is Our s00j and Our K, who we love and miss so much!

Quote of the Day
An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.
-- Niels Bohr

I'll be going straight from work to the bus station, and will be at that conference in Vermont all day tomorrow. Expect bankrupt pants.

Link Soup
* Travelling while disabled: how to survive. I still need to write my post about planning around disability at a con...
* Susannah Breslin, total asshole. (In a reversal of usual internet fuckery, the comments here are great!)
* Nancy Schwartzman on confronting her rapist
* Oi, Bostonians - TMBG shows next week, one free, two for charity! I'm definitely hitting the free one, at least; who's with me?

Daily Science
Gene identified for sudden unexpected death in epilepsy


This has massive fucking implications, you guys. SUDEP is this big scary thing that is like the SIDS of epileptics, wherein you just up and die, no warning, no sense or reason, no idea why, you just drop dead.

They're not on human testing yet. But when they are, I want that test, so I can either know I'm at risk and deal with it or know I'm not and not have to be so damn scared of it.

Work, including a BARCC blog post that will quote karnythia and popelizbet.
3-hour bus ride to Vermont. Three hours sitting in a place where I don't have to do laundry/dishes/whatever = writing time comma dammit; I'll be charging up the netbook at work today.
Date night with swashbucklr.
Conference all tomorrow, then a laaaate bus home. Like, I'll be rushing to catch the last bus out of Harvard Station.
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