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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Random BPAL reviews

Just finished my Amazon Breakthrough Novel competition reviews! Phew. Am now exhausted. Shower soon, then writing names on my T-shirt for tomorrow, et cetera.

First, a break to review BPAL's SakuraCon exclusives.

GIANT SQUID: Cannabis blossom, tonka bean, tobacco, frankincense, galangal, juniper berry, lantana, spiky aloe, green and white teas, and salty sea spray.
In bottle: This is oddly melony.
On me: Yep, still melony. Not really getting the resin or juniper. Bit of the sea spray. This is quite a bit like Yemaya.

FUWU BANSAKU IN RUINED TEMPLE WITH BLACK MONSTER ON UMBRELLA: Black coconut, red sandalwood, black currant, tonka bean, vetiver, and Malasian oude.
In bottle: Vetiver right off that bat, that dark murkiness.
On me: The sandalwood spirals up through the vetiver and tonka. This is a slow dance in a dark mood.

SHIRAFUJI GENTA WITH A KAPPA: Lansium domesticum, sweetgrass, benzoin, white mint, lavender, juniper berry, cedarwood, osmanthus, and rice wine.
In bottle: The sharpness of benzoin and juniper, tempered by mint and lavender.
On me: Mint swirled around juniper, with a lot of sweetness around it.

Peru balsam, Mysore sandalwood, bodark bark, tupelo gum, black pepper, tobacco absolute, and white honey.

In bottle: Dark and foody. Not really honey-foody, though. This perplexes my nose, but not in a bad way. More like forbidden sweets.
On me: The peru balsam is dominant, and it's one of my favorite notes, so yay. Peru balsam and thick honey and I do not get what else is making me go yum. Is it the pepper/honey combo? I do not know. But I can't stop smelling myself.
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