Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Thor's Day

Happy birthday to my beloved Adam!

Pretty okay, if a bit worn out.

Note to restaurants
"The gluten-free items are listed on our website" is not a useful response if it is not then followed by "I will bring you a laptop" or "I will print the list out." I do not generally haul my laptop to restaurants. This is because if I look up your website and see "gluten-free" next to a bunch of things - indeed, as part of the name of the dish in some cases - I expect your format to be the same in the restaurant. Silly me, right?

Minus fifty points to Au Bon Pain, whose employees looked at me like I was from Mars or had forgotten to take my crazy pills. You guys. This is not an uncommon condition, really. And someone at your corporate office has a clue. This doesn't get passed down in the training? I know, what do I expect from a place with "bread" in the name? But the menu online indicates a nice variety of GF stuff. You just apparently have to print it out yourself. Or memorize it.

Minus twenty-five points to Cosi, because while they only list allergen info and absence of wheat != gluten-free, they were at least aware that they did not have sufficient information for me to order safely. And they were apologetic.

Clothesline Project
Went really well, and I did manage to stick to just a two-hour shift. Thanks to those who came out!

Weight loss = my skirts from last spring/summer hanging off my hips. And it is not jeans weather anymore, really. I need to save money for Explo; cannot shop! Nyargh.

Daily Science
Scientists discover first multicellular life that doesn't need oxygen.

Work. Please I do not want to need a nap today, as I need to be writing. Dinner with Adam, wherever he likes.
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