Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Odin's Day

Happy birthday to kires and wakingdreaming!

Hello to new reader sevenravens!

Today I am one year seizure-free.

I have been marking off the days, waiting waiting, but afraid to tell people today was approaching, as I live in fear of jinxing myself. But. It is here.

One year.

Wiscon Reading
Will officially be me, csecooney, sevenravens, and pattytempleton. There will be fey whimsy up in here, oh yes. And quite probably candy.

Clothesline Project
All day today in the atrium at South Station. As many shirts as we can fit. You should come and see. My shift is 11:30-1:30, if you want to see me specifically, or if you want to do lunch after.

Team Venture, that is. The Walk for Change is just days away. Can you help our walkers make their goals?

And remember to give me your name if you want me to walk for you!

I have some parties Saturday night that I'd love to attend, but my carlessness makes that impractical, as they're far enough out that I'd have to leave way early to be certain of catching the last bus from Harvard. Not far out for driving, just a combination of buses and trains that has multiple points of possible failure 'round midnight. And I can't just crash on someone's couch in town, because I need to report to the Walk way early to help with setup.

Anyone willing?

A thought that needs writing
Not that I have time now, but note to self: explore connections between priestessing and counseling and, ahem, topping men, because there are fascinating links.

Link Soup
You are so funny if you think I had five minutes yesterday to see anything online! So cute! You should make your own link soup today, and pass me a bowl.

Work, Clothesline Project, most probably nap. Because I really needed to yesterday and didn't get to. Am home tonight, and keeping it that way.
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