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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Things I have needed to post about, volume 1 
3rd-Apr-2010 11:29 am
* talkingdonkey says: "I work for a school called the Kaghan Memorial Trust in rural Pakistan. We're always striving to give the students the best education possible and we're constantly in need of sponsors and donations for our children."

* ellen_kushner says: "The IAF has decided to brighten your March with a month-long celebration of interstitiality. All month long we’re going to be posting a series of delightfully interstitial things to our website, so you can stay warm and dry and happily clicking through the discoveries we’ll be sharing with you. There will be profiles of those of us in the IAF, if you haven’t met us before; there will be lots of links; there will be event write-ups; there will be essays and recommendations; there may even be some videos!" And even though it's now April (see how behind I am, SRSLY?), the party continues. Click here and get to reading!

*checks stuff off list, keeps moving*
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