Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Wandering back towards awesome

Because I do not like to dwell in argh.

* Following the wave of recent "fucking/dating while feminist" articles, I have been asked to speechify on this very topic. Because I am a prominent Boston speechmaking pro-sex feminist. Apparently. Which I guess I am! I just didn't notice becoming one.

* Speaking of speeches, I had my first survivor speech since the Gala this week; I was nervous about it, as always, but it went very well. I think I've hit my stride as far as that sort of speech goes. It requires a lot - yes, even a lot more than you think it does, because it isn't just talking about something, but it's about connecting with everyone in the room, reading the mood and shifts of the audience, and continually recalibrating the speech on the fly to be the ideal speech for that group So yeah. Backwards and in heels. But I feel like I'm consistently doing well.

* I have a Notable Story. (Yes, the link to it is down; went down to make room for the April '10 fiction, and will hopefully be back up verra soon now, as they have been notified that oh hey potential award). If I make it to the Top 10 and it becomes voting time for the general public, I will let you know. Also the Rhysling nomination continues to make me happy.

* Cicatrix stuff just kept going in my brain on the way to and from work. So much writing gets done in my head walking down Mass Ave. To wit: Aaron was pretty much hiding right up til this week and suddenly it all clicked and he is a full person, not just a foil for Ash. I found the key and unlocked him, and personally some of the stuff I'm finding there takes my breath away. themaskmaker, you will love some of this. Next writing time is Monday, please gods let me get sleep this weekend so I can take advantage of it.

* kythryne is having an awesome sale. I cannot shop, as I'm saving my pennies for Explo, but you should.

* I have a stack of good books to read when I'm done reviewing Amazon Breakthrough Novel contestants (oh yeah, that's another busy-'song thing - reading and reviewing ~1,500 pages of middling-to-terrible writing in a scant few weeks). The new P.C. Hodgell, the new N.K. Jemisin - I cheated and read Geosynchron on the bus. I just can't read unbound manuscripts on the bus.

* Dancing tomorrow! And finally getting to see the boyfriend, who I've been missing acutely all week.
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