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Happy birthday to lynxreign!

Happy early birthday to burning_brain and lordandrei, who advance a year over the weekend!

Ugh. So. Like I said, I'd been getting mildly glutened by my allergy pills. So among other things, I had the celiac skin itchies, and had been using a tea tree gel to ease that. It's the one thing I hadn't yet developed a prolonged-contact allergic reaction to.

Guess what?

Yep. Applied it last night before bed. Erupting into massive itchy welts with stabbing pain. And guess what? Can't take the antihistamine, because it has gluten.


Long story short (too late!), I had to take nighttime cold medicine, because a) antihistamine and b) the adrenalin spike from OMG STABBY PAIN flooded the Lunesta out of my system. So I am zombified right now.

AWESOME except not.

Walk for Change
Still at $523, so no new segment of "Fortune" yet. At $600 you get more story! Plus art! Please pass my sponsorship link around!

Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Feministing has an article about sharing your story for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The amazing cluegirl has done just that - please go read.

Link Soup
* Patti Digh has a great essay about child-rearing.
* Table of contents for the Rhysling Anthology is out There I am! :) :)

Daily Science
Physicists identify new kind of star.

Friday Memage
Wearing: Black sparkly 3/4 sleeve shirt, black cardigan/wrap, jeans, have yet to decide on jewelry.
Reading: Upstairs, The Extra, by Michael Shea. Downstairs, Amazon Breakthrough Novel competitor. On the bus, Other Earths, edited by Nick Gevers & Jay Lake.
Writing: More like pre-writing - a lot of big things have dropped into place for me this week regarding Aaron, one of the main characters of Cicatrix. So there are scenes happening in my head, and I have not made it to a keyboard with them. But the world grows more complex and I love it.
Knitting: I don't think I've picked up my knitting at all this week!
Planning: So much depends upon a red wheelbarrow whether I manage to get a decent nap this afternoon. Evening party may get sidelined if I feel I need to be in bed at 10.
Tomorrow night = dancing at Heroes; will anyone else be there?
Sunday afternoon I have a photo shoot for a BARCC project.

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