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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to tewok!

Hello to new reader alicia_stardust!

Still fatigued. Also we think I was getting glutened by my allergy pill; we switched from CVS generic to Costco generic. :( But I have no afternoon plans, so I can nap.

Walk for Change!
We didn't just clear $400 yesterday, we cleared $500! Which means you get two pieces of "Fortune" today. :) Click here to sponsor me if you want a third... the third comes with gorgeous ultra_lilac art. (Like there's any other kind of ultra_lilac art.)

"What do you want?"
I had one of those days yesterday where it was made clear to me again just how many choices I have. A few cases of "this could be your life, if you so desire." The only problem? I just do not have time to do all of these things and do them well. And I get choice paralysis.

I know, too many additional-career options = first-world problems. I'm just... overwhelmed a bit.

Link Soup
* Trigger warning for graphic description of post-rape bodily damage: KBR says gang rape victim was asking for it. Because she had a drink with the ringleader of the rape. Because if you ever have a drink with a co-worker, you're a shameless hussy? This whole thing just makes me want to punch people in the face.
* How to make Peep sushi.
* Hilarious roundtable review of X-Men: Second Coming.

Daily Science
Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness, and without constant vigilance it can prove a very difficult disease to manage. But a Swiss biotech company has developed a monitoring system that allows physicians to keep track of their patients' symptoms over 24 hours. Sensimed's "Triggerfish" system consists of a contact lens with embedded sensors that can pick up subtle physical changes in a patient's eye, and then wirelessly transmit that data to a receiver worn around his neck.

Seeing as my eye doc says glaucoma is a when not an if for me? This is Relevant to my Interests.

Work, posting "Fortune" bits, oh god nap. I'm torn because I have some out-of-the-house stuff I'd really like to do tonight, but I haven't had a night at home this week, really, and I already know I'll be out tomorrow and Saturday nights, and possibly Saturday afternoon.

That said, I kinda love living in a world where my evening can include a feminism-and-dessert event and an epic dance battle.
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