Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day

Energy levels returning, thank goodness.

BRB, Rainpocalypse
High winds, pouring rain, and flooding have shot my plans to hell. I'm working from home, no coffee meeting with friend, no Diesel. I do still have to get out to MIT for a thing between 6:30-9:30, and if anyone is going that way and feels like giving me a ride, awesome.

Link Soup
* This is my new pain scale.
* Frame-by-frame breakdown of the Scott Pilgrim trailer.
* Snyder's "gluten-free" pretzels = deliberately not remotely gluten-free. You might want to write a letter.
* Half-ton lead coffin unearthed near Rome. o.O
* Rapist says women should lock their doors. Heavily implied: if your door is unlocked in your own dorm it is totally okay for him to rape you. Tiny fists of rage over here, y'all.

Daily Science
Scientists at the world's biggest atom smasher at CERN said on Tuesday that they had collided protons at record power, mimicking conditions close to the Big Bang that created the universe.

Not-so-Daily Scent-Stuff
The remarkable and multitalented sihaya09 set me samples of her new ritual oils, Amas and Ishtar. These are meant for pagan ritual use, but can be used on the skin as perfumes as well... and you know me and my sensitive nose, I've just got to try things!

Amas: ...Amas was formulated to draw the kind of love which the practitioner most needs. Obviously, your energy-raising or intent can slant this to a particular desire, but Amas was designed to draw whichever form of love would best lift and gently nurture the practitioner....There are notes of gourmand vanilla, rosewater, and sweet lemon that are sure to delight the nose.
In bottle: Sweet and delicately floral; I'm getting mostly vanilla and rosewater. High tea.
On me: Same. It's very light and unobtrusive. I'm glad I'm not getting lemon! It goes a *titch* babypowdery on me, but with the other notes not vanishing, it's still very pleasant.
Note: There'll be more Amas, including a candle scented with it, in her next update.

Ishtar: Ishtar was formulated to stimulate lust and create a boost in sexual energy...There are notes of vanilla, spices, and gentle earthy notes that are sure to delight the nose.
In bottle: Vanillaspice goodness! The spices are light and well-blended.
On me: Again, very sweet, but with underlying spice that grows with wear. Like chai with a shot of vanilla. This is so very yummy.
Note: Ishtar's one of my patrons, so I was hoping I'd like this, and um YES.

BARCC work and home work and writing work and reviewing work. (I have to write another bio. Bios never stop. I need an automatic bio generator.) And there's tonight's thing for BARCC at MIT.
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