Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Doing what I want to do.

An update on leaps of faith and steps forward. Because those are good things.

Workwise, I'm going to this conference next month. I'm really excited about it. So's my boss. I'm hoping to get insight into areas of this work that I'm not already focused on, and network my tuchus off. :)

Also? I've applied for Seth Godin's high-leverage nano-MBA week. I'd actually skimmed by it, thinking it was strictly for business types, until cbpotts nudged me and pointed out that it is specifically for people whose organizations are making the world a better place. Hey! That is me! So wish me luck. And New Yorkers, if anyone has a place for me to crash that week? I would be incredibly grateful. Only 11 people get chosen, and his readership is huge, so my chances are small, but the words "rape crisis center" jump off an application, so hopefully that'll make me stand out. I <3 Godin's work.

Professional development FTW. Also FTW? That I am in a profession I want professional development in.

On the personal front... I've been talking about wanting to get into burlesque for almost a year now. It was an idle thought before I switched meds, but losing all the weight really brought it to the forefront - because my proprioception is totally off! So I need to learn more about my body and how it moves now, what it does now. Plus sexy fun physical comedy! So. I'm doing that. Intro to burlesque class next month. Meep! Intimidating, but if I keep revisiting something in my head like this, I know I really want to do it. So. I am doing it.

Also, I'm committing to going out dancing more, for some of the same reasons, especially proprioception. It helps! And music is fun!

If I am going to be crazybusy anyway, it should be with things I really want to be doing!

What do you want to be doing? Are you doing it?

ETA: Which is not to say I'm not also busy writing. I pretty much have my brain back, so back on the hamster wheel this week post-work; I have some stuff to write about bonny Bedlam boys and faerie lovers, foxes and rockets, et cetera, and I apparently now have some new anthology invites, and also Cicatrix when I can bend my brain to it. In times of less brain, I write Shayara sketches, because I sort of live there in my head, so it isn't a stretch.
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