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Yep. Still exhausted.

Walk for Change!
The Walk for Change is coming up! I really, really want you to sponsor me. Really really. Matter of fact, for every hundred dollars I get from now til the walk, some bonus never-seen-before short fiction goes up here. Next mark is $400. Only $70 away. Want to read some poetry or fiction? Please sponsor! And tell all your friends!

Oh look! Amanda Palmer is Flashing her Sociopathy Again!
Apparently, Lady Gaga is a sellout and "ironic product placement is only ok if you take no money & beyond that give all the income to something ironic. like the Klan.".

Yes, those are Palmer's words.

sparkymonster is here to remind all y'all, with visual aides, about the Klan.

And gee, Amanda - could this maybe be because someone is out there actually doing transgressive and thought-provoking performance art and getting lauded for it? With, say, a hundred times the success you will ever have, because she has a hundred times the talent? (If you doubt that, look up Gaga's performance on Saturday Night Live, where she puts aside the bubble dresses and gyroscopes and sits down at the piano and plays and sings. Undeniable talent.) Your pathetic attention-whoring doesn't make you endearing; it makes you Howard Stern in striped stockings.

Link Soup
* Another great Thomas MacCaulay Miller post, about David Lisak's research. I am a huge Lisak fangirl. I am just saying.
* The second half of "Sanji's Demon" by ogre_san is up!
* Name Murnkay's book!
* Rape culture in YA fiction.
* I'm with haddayr.

Daily Science
Why hot water can freeze faster than cold.

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Black cowlneck, jeans, elisem necklace, kythryne earrings.
Reading: For my sins, Amazon Breakthrough Novel manuscripts.
Writing: Nothing right now, but Elayna's out of the house on Sunday, so maybe I'll get some time? I hope? I've been going straight from work to sleep all week. :(
Knitting: Still Mom's scarf; I've been slacking on that. The Land of Oz shawl has been set aside for now because it takes conscious thought.
Today: Work, nap, meeting antsswarm for dinner and burlesque!
Tomorrow: House stuff, then a party.
Sunday: I have zero plans yaaaaaay. Somewhere in there I'd like to find time to hang out with swashbucklr, who's in town for PAX. But I need to prioritize rest, too.

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