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Happy birthday to mouseferatu!

Hangin' in. I still get tired, but I have trouble napping now.

Festival of LARPs
Have signed up for "Bard of Avalon", "LXHS", and "Alice". Nothing for Sunday; I like to build in a recovery day. Who else is playing?

And no, I've never done this before (where this = an actual LARP con), but LARPer friends have been nudging me for ages.

Elayna's in "Bard of Avalon" and "School for Young Women", I believe. (BK, she says "LXHS" is full, but I still see some availability there? Is that a gender thing? Because I'll play a male or gender-neutral role to get her in if I need to.)

Elayna's birthday party
Eight girls LARPing - in a karaoke place. Much singing occurred. They all want to go back.

They were shy about getting started, so they begged me to sing; they may have instantly regretted that. No, I didn't sing "Baby Got Back" or "Detachable Penis". I do not wish to embarrass my daughter quite that much. I sang "Dentist!" from Little Shop of Horrors, which was embarrassment enough. I have a theater background, y'all. I will act that shit out.

They weren't shy anymore after that.

Link Soup
* What's your favorite slipstream story? By their definition, interstitial fiction fits...
* The jeweled skeleton of the patron saint of spinsters.
* I very much want this yarn subscription, but I can't decide if I want autumn or winter.
* jesshartley presents the Shattered Glass Project.
* murnkay is triumphant.
* I need this lolcat way too much.
* The Doggie Gaga project.

Daily Science
Physicists create carbon magnetism by removing atoms from graphite.

Work, home - rest? I have some Shayara stuff nudging at my brain, so hopefully my brain will be in writing mode. BARCC peer supervision meeting tonight; I get out of that at 8 in Central, if anyone wants to grab a cuppa.
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