Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Thor's Day

Happy birthday to rubian77!

Tiiiired. Did not nap yesterday. Did start coughing again last night, so I need to Watch It.

The 3six5
Yesterday was my day to write for the 3six5. I was going to write about the BARCC workshop I was leading last night.

I wrote about losing Irana instead.

I managed to do the workshop last night, because she would have wanted that. Then I hit Grendel's Pub with pierceheart, badseed1980, cthulhia, mikemarano, and LJless BARCC colleagues Dave and Liz, and raised a glass - well, two - in her honor. "The Parting Glass" singalong was a very good thing. So was swapping stories with pierceheart, whose friend died last month. "So this one time, Irana..." "No shit, there I was, and Dirk..."

Thank you to everyone who listened yesterday.

Link Soup
* Hal Duncan on Racebending.
* Jonathan Carroll on living a full and fulfilled life. (Yes, I thought of Irana. Because she did.)
* Heather Cassils on being Lady Gaga's prison-yard girlfriend. I know, Lady Gaga, whatever, but the article is really interesting from a gender perspective.

Daily Science
Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have provided the first clear demonstration that the theory of quantum mechanics applies to the mechanical motion of an object large enough to be seen by the naked eye.

Work. Then I have a three-hour gap between work and having to be at South Station to hand out flyers for the Walk for Change (sponsor me!), which isn't enough to make a trip home worthwhile, so maybe I can cajole someone into last-minute lunch plans. South Station 4-6, then cocooning at home; no Gardner Museum thing for me tonight. For lo, I am weary.
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