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Odin's Day

Recovery is. I keep thinking my voice is back, only to have it give out on me on the phones! And I *tried* to nap yesterday, but the kid lost her coat and, with it, her key, so she woke me up and I got to be sluggish and irritable the rest of the day and evening. :P

Free Will Astrology
Uncle Rob says: "In my astrological opinion, you don't need anything that shrinks you or deflates you or tames you. Influences that pinch your imagination should be taboo, as should anything that squashes your hope or crimps your life force. To make proper use of the vibrations circulating in your vicinity, Pisces, you should gravitate toward situations that pump up your insouciance and energize your whimsy and incite you
to express the most benevolent wickedness you can imagine. You've got a mandate to fatten up your soul so it can contain a vaster sense of wonder and a more daring brand of innocence."

Aw yeah. It's holy fool time.

The 3six5
It is my day! My post will be late, as the thing I'm writing about ends at 8:30. Will link tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy Rayna's post! I am amused that I ended up right next to a friend. :)

Link Soup
* Women fear violence in Haitian camps.
* Do you have dream tools?
* BARCC blog! The usual excellent from Dave and Tommy. My post will be up ~10am.

Daily Science
Simulations solve a 20-year-old riddle about why nebulae around massive stars don't disappear.

Work, including BARCC blog. Home and NAP. I'm hoping to catch a ride to tonight's BARCC workshop, as it involves Green Line or buses, neither of which I regard as reliable. I have to write my 3six5 post and e-mail it as soon as I finish the workshop - anyone got recommendations for free wifi in Cambridge? - and then if any of you are at Red-Line-accessible bars, I could join you, so let me know. That part's dependent on energy level.
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