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Happy birthday to wolflady26!

Saturday night: "Huh. My throat is kinda tickly."
Sunday: *uncontrollable coughing* plus laryngitis.
Today: All of that plus congestion.

I really hope no one else gets sick.

Picture of the Day

Picture by feste_sylvain & tamidon's older daughter. Elayna = Mommy's little swordmaiden.

She will be fifteen a week from today.

"The Library, After" to Mythic Delirium; it'll be in issue #23.

This one's had a funny journey - it already has fanfic and fanart! And I don't always know why stories/poems sell, but I know about this one... Readercon has a "Meet the Pros(e)" party wherein writers have stickers. Said stickers have a single sentence of their work. You trade stickers with people at the party. It's fun. :) Many people do paragraph-long sentences, to show off the most prose; I had five words. "Awakened, the library went feral."

Which was enough for time_shark to go "Hm. The piece that's from - has it sold? No? I'd like to see it."

So there you go. :)

Link Soup
* Underskin body map.
* Awesome.
* alankria isn't around to tell you that she has new stories out, so I will: "The Notebook of my Favorite Skin-Trees" and "The City of Lobster, or, the Dancers on Anchorage Street".
* Yay, Fugitivus is back!
* This is the pendant arianhwyvar gifted me at Arisia. So in love with it.

Daily Science
A team of scientists at MIT have discovered a previously unknown phenomenon that can cause powerful waves of energy to shoot through minuscule wires known as carbon nanotubes. The discovery could lead to a new way of producing electricity, the researchers say.

My chest feels filled with gunk. I am breathing very carefully. I think any plan other than napping, reading, and knitting would be Bad. So that's the plan.
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