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Rabbit rabbit!

Happy birthday to ivymcallister and spoothbrush!

Hello to new readers splash_the_cat and zombie_dog!

A bit tired, but less achy than yesterday. I have not gotten feste_sylvain's ick.

Birthday Week OMG
Tuesday (aka Actual Birthday), I will be at Diesel. Hug me! Don't know yet if I'll do dinner at Sabur, Namaskar, or Stone Hearth.
Wednesday: Skating party! More about that in another post.
Thursday: Robots in SF and Anime colloquium at MIT; this one's the most malleable, if I need a chill day.
Friday: Alice in Wonderland!
Saturday: Midsummer Night's Dream in the afternoon, gaming and geek movie marathon in the evening!
Sunday: Moar movies, probably.

I have to bake a cake Wednesday. I was going to get one from our local gluten-free bakery, but it would be at least $80, and I don't know how much I'm going to recoup on rink rental, so no.

RSVP for my festivities!

Concert OMG
So much fun. And I danced my ass off. (Don't worry, I got it back.) aquila_dominus, cluegirl, feste_sylvain, jenphalian, and lbitw are fantastic concert buddies.

Link Soup
* I so want this, but need to save my pennies for Explo. *crosses fingers that it will still be available after that*
* Intent! It's Fucking Magic! Please apply liberally to recent Palmer non-apologies. I think I have bingo.
* The Poetry of Reality.

Daily Science
New research has identified four aspects of immune system disturbance which lead to the development of coeliac disease. Nearly 40 different inherited risk factors which predispose to the disease have now been identified. These latest findings could speed the way towards improved diagnostics and treatments for the autoimmune complaint that affects 1 in 100 of the population, and lead to insights into related conditions such as type 1 diabetes.

Work. Lunch with mangosteen. Taking kid for passport (thanks for advice) and running in-town errands. Getting the house ready, because squee! enderfem arrives Wednesday! <3 <3 <3

My week is pretty tightly scheduled, because of plans out the wazoo and out-of-town guests and everything. So please, it is doubly important that if I have plans with you, you not back out or change said plans at the last minute, because that throws everything off and I probably cannot fit you in anywhere else til late March. And if you need some just-me time, it is unlikely to happen this week, because aforementioned stuff *and* I need to preserve some writing time *and* I need to work on the LARP for Elayna's birthday *and* my parents will be here next week. So yeah. But group hanging-out is good. See party stuff and Alice in Wonderland. I <3 you! I just have a lot going on.

Will post skating-party post in a bit to give further info and work on setting up rides for the carless. *nod*
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