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Also! Now it can be told!

My *squee!* Wiscon news? After seeing how well the "Take Back the Sci-Fi" panel went at Arisia, Wiscon's concom e-mailed me asking if I'd be willing to run the panel at Wiscon. I'll be moderating, and I get to hand-select my panel.


I even got to rewrite the description. It is now as follows:

Take Back the Sci-Fi Redux
Sexual assault and rape frequently get used as symbolic plot devices, with no consideration of how sexual violence actually affects survivors and the people around them. Let's discuss books that accurately portray the repercussions of and recovery from sexual assault, as well as those that merely use it as a shortcut to character development and those that end up glorifying it in the process—and how we can write about sexual assault and rape in a way that is true to the character and respectful to survivors. Note: this is a discussion of rape and sexual assault in fiction, and is not the place to discuss our personal experience with sexual assault.

I am running it like I ran it at Arisia - very clear on the "no telling our own survivor stories" thing, very focused, very firmly moderated. I can also promise, as is the norm with any time I discuss sexual violence, that any sort of "men vs. women" or "male survivors don't count" talk will not be tolerated.

I prefer that my panelists have some background on this topic; at Arisia, three of the five panelists were state-certified rape crisis counselors. If you're a rape crisis counselor or do other work regarding sexual violence and will be at Wiscon, totally let me know.

(Yes, I'll be discussion sexual violence at Intervention, too. This is a thing what I do. I demand the opportunity to talk about comic books and '80s cartoons, too, though!)
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