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Happy birthday to mebib!

Happy early birthday to sleigh, who advances a year over the weekend!

Unaccountably exhausted with bonus sore throat. Tea today. I am NOT ALLOWED to get sick. I have Flogging Molly tomorrow!

Status of the 'song
I have required a nap after work every day this week. I need that cycle broken - I have too much to do to lose every afternoon. But the glutening that knocked me out all Tuesday pretty much crushed my week.

This also means no writing is getting done, which makes me argh. I have today and tomorrow to write a story.

Link Soup
It is all rape culture all the time up in here, I am just saying.

* The Center for Public Integrity has launched part two of their coverage of campus sexual assault. Feministing reacts. The Boston Glove gives the local view.

* Rape in fandom. Note: The rape did not occur at SwanCon; the rapist and his victim met there. It looks like he was one of those wandering pressure-y massage guys. I always want to punch them in the face. The survivor's post. Here are some community reactions.

* Women at war: sexual violence in the military.
* Med students perform pelvic exams on anesthetized women.
* CabWise in England using the threat of rape to get people to use their service.

I have a lot to cover in the BARCC Blog next week. I am just sayin'.

Unicorn Chaser
Kirsten Dunst, "Turning Japanese". I will go on record as saying that I would wear that outfit.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Black cowlneck shirt and jeans, jewelry TBA.
Reading: Heartland by markteppo, and Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti.
Writing: This weekend/today I have to do that story. And finish "Maxfield Parrish Blues". And then I have a small collaboration, and the flashfic I owe people.
Knitting: This shawl, in Lucy's hand-dyed silvergreybluerust.
Planning: Tonight is mercifully clear. Tomorrow I need to grab as writing time, until aquila_dominus, cluegirl, jenphalian, and lbitw get here for OMG FLOGGING MOLLY. Sunday = hanging out with my fabulous guests til they clear out, then writerly stuff.

I need to get that schedule down for serious.

Also? My March is almost full. o.O

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