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Happy birthday, O Beloved s00j!

Hello to new readers ajodasso and devils_sidekick!

Doin' okay.

* Some slivers of rest.
* Clothesline Project meeting.
* Dancing at Heroes 80s night! My first time since this most recent round of weight gain loss gain loss, so my proprioception notably needs work, but it was a good start, and I should repeat it frequently. Plus, y'know, awesome fun. <3
* Victims of Violence production yesterday! Went quite well indeed.

Did not accomplish: enough sleep. Story of my life, right?

Link Soup
* This is what I want when I die. Please make a note of it.
* Emily Dickinson may have been epileptic.
* Team Rubicon: AWESOME.
* I kinda really want this soap.

Daily Science
Researchers demonstrate mosquito laser in action.

Darlin'! Another busy and very long day. Work, then writing and editing (I may finally have something for you, thunderpigeon). Peer supervision meeting and then NerdNite, for a talk on the neurobiology of zombies. Y'all are welcome to join me for that last one.

My week:
Tuesday I need to run errands in town and so there will be no Dieselling.
Wednesday, I'm hanging onto as a precious evening off.
Thursday's Date Night with Mark.
Friday I may go to a comedy show.
Saturday is FLOGGING MOLLY you guys! *bounce* *bounce*
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