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Saturday Morning Miscellaneous

My Empire for Ashes
The deleted scene is not as complete as I'd like, so I'll be fleshing it out a bit today - and I need Adam to show me how to make my playlist into one file so I can send it to sponsors via MegaUpload. I have not forgotten you.

Mobility Argh
There've been a lot of things this week I wanted to do, but they've involved a series of buses and trains, and I get nervous about being out so close to Last Bus. If I'm at a late concert and one bus is ten minutes late, considering the combination of buses and trains I have to take, I could be stranded overnight. Or paying a lot for a taxi.

Solution? I dunno. When I see that I may be out close to Last Bus, I'm poking about for in-town crashspace, just in case. But I swear I feel like a shut-in sometimes, and it makes me cranky. (This post brought to you by two things I wanted to do last night and three tonight.)

State of the 'songbody
I'm pretty sure I've just gone from size 6 to size 4; my jeans are loose enough. Will have to dig up my 4s.

Yes, I was a 14 this time last year.

This whole process is incredibly weird. I said late this summer that I felt like I was in a time-lapse video, the way my body was reshaping; not just losing fat, but building muscle, in a seemingly-accelerated way.

Now I look at myself and - I look Photoshopped.

Seriously. I see lean angles when I am accustomed to seeing curves. I see parts of myself smaller and shaped differently. It is outright bewildering at times, this feeling of surprise and disconnection.

(Which is why I need to go dancing more; it's one of the three things that actually grounds me in my body.)

And it weirds me out because I am accustomed to my body scanning as womanly and, at present, to me, it scans as more girlish. And after these years, girlbody feels alien to me.

BPAL Reviews
The Red Rider: Red leather, red moss, and balsam.
In bottle: That is very red, yes! And leathery!
On me: The balsam lends a bit of sweetness to the leather. This is a sexy man small. <3

The Black Rider: Black leather, oppoponax, tobacco, and black amber.
In bottle: Dark dark dark. And not much throw. This thing has an event horizon.
On me: Very dark indeed. Murky. That would be the oppoponax. Not picking up the tobacco, but definitely getting the rest of it.

Baba Yaga: Spell-soaked herbs and flowers, cold iron, broom twigs, bundles of moss and patchouli root, and moth dust.
In bottle: Soft herbal with a base of patchouli.

The Sea Foams Blood: Blood rising through an ocean wave.
In bottle: My, that's... acrid.
On me: Aquatic + blood note = not for me, clearly.

Today's Plans
I need to make that master to-do list and then knock as many things off it as I can before my Clothesline Project meeting at 4. Tonight, a choice of stuff to do if I can get there and back.
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