Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Thor's Day

Happy birthday to camillealexa, holme, and littlebuhnee!

Hello to new readers darling_tess and suzgoddessmom!

Stayed in last night due to tired; I didn't sleep well the previous two nights. Otherwise okay. The headache is still nudging me.

Oh, Amanda Palmer
You are still made of fail. There will be a longer post on this later; I have Things to Say. But Sady says it very well here. I just have stuff to add.

Am presenting to BARCC today. About what? Well. Y'all. Community outreach in the SF/F fandom community, and why SF seems more willing and able to engage on this topic.

Yes, I present about BARCC stuff at cons and about con stuff at BARCC. I don't really have any separation of my interests these days, but I'm cool with that.

Link Soup
* I'm eligible for the Campbell this year, Hugo voters. (Did I already post that? Apologies if I did.)
* I totally want to make this.
* Introvert blog.

I don't have any other links that aren't "this week in rape culture!", and I'm saving those for the BARCC blog - aren't you happy?

Daily Science
Two cardiothoracic surgeons at UC Davis Medical Center have performed the first robotic-assisted, multi-arterial, cardiac bypass procedure in California.

Work. Home. I have that editing to do, plus a bit of writing if I can get the kid out of the house; I also need to write a letter to my asshole GI doc. I have... much to do. But I've been napping when I'm home in the afternoons and therefore not getting much done. Is hard to recover when you have a day job. I need to make a list of stuff that needs doing, really.

And I have to write the Amanda "fuck off, disabled feminists and sexual abuse survivors" Palmer post.
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