Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Why I, as a writer, hate certain shifts in language

So the hip new thing, apparently, is big scarf/hood combos. Which is fine, I guess, if not my cup of tea.

But they are calling them snoods. And this is crazymaking to me, because that word is already in use, dammit, and not for that.

This is a snood. This, too. See Wikipedia re: provenance and history of the term.

This and this != snoods. They are big stupid tube-hoods. Or something. Not snoods. Because snoods are a different thing, dammit.

But no, someone repurposed the word snood, and now when people see it, they think big stupid tube-hoods.

And so when they read the description of a certain character at a ball (yes, in Shayara, no, not in MEfA) wearing a snood, they're going to think that's awfully informal with her gown. When dammit it is not a big stupid tube-hood it is a delicate bit of netting with sparklies and a velvet bow.

...sometimes I write these scenes just because I covet the wardrobe. What? I'm under five feet tall, I can't do ballgowns. (This one has layers of very soft leather, velvet, and heavy silk, all in shades of dark red. I want.)

Anyway. Snood. It is already a thing. Don't you forget it.

EDIT: This is the goddamn Batman.

You gonna tell him he's wearing a snood?
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